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  • towing in the city

    Hello to all of you trailer groomers. I was wondering how difficult it would be to tow a trailer and to tow a trailer through tight city streets. I am in Atlanta and I have a Wag n tails Trailer.
    Is is something you get used to or is it just a real pain. Any words of wisdom would be great.

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    Hubby and I lived in some towns where the streets were SMALL, much smaller than anything you will find in the Big Peach. He had no problems towing a trailer in places like Germany and The Netherlands. With practice you should do very well on the streets of Atlanta and its suburbs. Just remember to make WIDE right turns so you don't have the trailer jump the corner and hit some of those power poles that hang out there. :-)
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      I would imagine that you will learn how to drive while towing a trailer, BUT, the real question is, will you have enough room to park in front of your client’s house? Driving a Pro WGT, it is really tight parking between mailboxes, driveways, fire hydrants, other parked cars, all on curving streets, in almost every neighborhood that I groom in. 99% of the homes have these above mentioned obstacles in front of them. Pulling a trailer, with your vehicle, you will be too long for their driveways, since you are now doubling your length of a Pro….something to think about.

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        thank you

        thank you, and Im gonna give it a shot. we will see how it goes. I plan to practice as much as possible before hitting the streets


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          I managed to bump a client's gate in the dark. I apologized, but they were fine about it; said so many people had hit it (I actually knocked off a board).
          When I got out I realized I had ripped off the handle I use to pull myself up and in.
          Dadburn it.
          Picked it up off the ground, looked at it, and started laughing. I realized I was not the first to rip it off. I picked up some JB Weld (thank you Paul Harvey) and it is just like new again.


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            I pull a trailer. It's not a problem, but you do have to be aware of certain parts of town that have alot of parking and are narrow. When I first started pulling my trailer, I kept my mirrors aimed at the wheels so I could "see" where I was on the road. Duh. My husband got a big kick out of that. You will need more room in front of you to make tight turns or you will hit the curb, which will cost you tires.

            Remember..if your truck mirrors can fit, your trailer can too.