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How do you keep the dogs toward me while grooming

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  • How do you keep the dogs toward me while grooming

    My doctor says I need to stand straighter while grooming. I hunch over, pull my shoulders up and this is creating pain in my back, shoulders, and feet. Does anyone know of anything out there that will cut the table in half (figuratively), length wise, that can be removed for large dogs but will force the smaller dogs towards the outside of the table. I have a Pet Pro from Wagntails. I am thinking of something that attaches on each end of table with guides and then I can slide in a piece of plexiglass or something like it. I have a Groomers Helper, but that won't work for what I need. I know there are very clever and wonderful groomers who have been there done that. Any ideas? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    Check out bb birds blog. She has something she made or bought cant remember that she uses.


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      Raise your table to you aren't slouching down.

      A Groomer's Helper can help you keep the the dog at the front part of the table and would be a lot less complicated than some other device you have to mount to the table and remove when not needed.

      I have a stool in the van and I alternate between sitting and grooming and standing and grooming, that changes my position enough that I don't get tired too fast.



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        table divider

        Hanvey has something that I use but I dont know if it would work on your table. I have the lips system on my table so I have a bar that attaches mid table and runs overhead to the other side. You might want to look it up on his website. I bought a divider from him- it is a thick piece of plastic that has hooks on either side of it and they attach to the poles on my table. Im not so sure that makes sense but it cuts my table in half and the little dogs have to stay close to me and not in the far corner of the table.


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          How about a ping pong net?


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            Many years ago, there was a product out there, clear plexi glass, that attached to your table, making a “fake wall”, lengthwise down the table. I doubt if it was a big seller, since I haven’t seen one advertise in probably 15 yrs.

            Speaking of many years ago,………..I purchased a metal cage, long and narrow, that you would put a cat into, to wash it. Never used it, still in original box………boy I bet the cats hated that thing, since it is not advertised anymore either.

            Happy Building that wall !!

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              For years I had a post on each end of the table and a wire shelf (like for closets) that I ziptied to the posts to make a divider; loved it; have it in the mobile now for when I need it. Most dogs I don't but a few, I pop on the second post and ziptie the shelf.


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                Yes, dividers or...

                As some have posted, there are bought or made dividers available.

                The other thing that helps is not having a table against a wall, but you could be too restricted to pull a table out enough. I used to work with my table NOT against a wall, and dogs will usually keep more to the center of the table. Put the table against a wall, and the dogs will edge back towards the wall! When I get some like that, I pull the table out so I can walk around it. Soon I'm going to reorganize so my table is NOT against the wall anymore!


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                  i get that too though with the dogs going towards the far side of the table..not the side your on but the opposite side! and i always end up pulling them towards me again and it makes for a very frustrating groom constantly having to pull the dogs back towards you again. what we need is a narrow table to groom on LOL! only big enough for the dogs to stand on with no where else for them to go!


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                    I have a wagn'tails also and struggled with the dogs huddling against the wall under the shelf.
                    I don't have the option to move my table. I keep a big pillow in the van for when I groom multiple dogs. They love to lay on it (yes they are all spoiled) So one day I got really tired of pulling a toy poodle out of her favorite place, and stuffed the pillow against the wall under the shelf.
                    I could not believe that it worked, it did not keep her real close to the front, but at least she was a lot closer to me and could not get under the storage shelf. I know this sounds too simple, but what could be less expensive pillow? and it stays in place because it is stuffed in between the table and the shelf. I am going to get a thicker one, I think that would even work better at keeping them closer. I put the pillow in a trash bag, and then put a pillow case on it, so it does not get wet or dirty, so you only have to wash the case.
                    Sounds crazy, but try it out until you can find something, or maybe you won't have to.


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                      I used to use a cardboard box.
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                        Thanks so much for all of your insight. I will try out some of these ideas. Unfortunately, I cannot pull my table from the wall. That is the disadvantage with being in mobile.