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  • No place for the van

    The van is moving to an apartment where there will be no place to park. Anyone keep theirs at an RV or storage at night? What do you do about filling up and dumping water?

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    We cannot keep the van at our house because it is a gated community and they won't allow it. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go mobile at all! Then I found a great RV/Boat outside storage place. I plug into the light pole right behind my van, dump my water there and even fill up. It's great and I don't worry about just opening the doors and blowing out the hair at the end of the day! I'm sure I wouldn't do that if it were in front of my house!!!


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      I can't speak for a van but I had a boat and was in the same situation. I compared prices to Storage units and other storage lots/facilities and found the best price was a boat storage place but they also had non-boats there. They also let us use free running water to clean boats and didn't care if we dumped water there (in accordance with your state laws, I'm sure)...

      Look up additional areas of storage... just an idea. :/


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        If you are in a cold climate, you will need heated storage, with water and electricity. I found a place which is perfect with a large over head door. Mine is a single, I don't share with anyone. It is just great!


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          We just made that kind of a "move"

          into an apartment complex. I do have reserved parking, ele and water, but I pay for it as well. My rig takes 2 parking spots, but that's the way things are. there just isn't any place here to put my rig in a storage facility that I can have early morning access too, but so far this seems to work. I'm the only one in the complex that has a reserved spot, but then I'm paying for it too. I can see my rig right out from the balcony.


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            I park my van in a warehouse with other cars and vans. On my side, there are two other carpet cleaning companies that park their vehicles. It is a heated gargage and I can dump my water and fill it up there. It is the best investment for me because I don't have to mess with the winter and freezing temp.


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              I keep my trailer in an RV storage and have for 4 years now. I pay a very reasonable rate, I have a gate code for 24 hr access and can dump grey water and fill fresh water there. There are a few draw backs, but I have no other option until we finally move in May to a home with RV parking (can't wait!!!). A much closer and $10 more expensive storage facility is only 1 mile or so away, but doesn't have 24 hr access and no place to dump water or fill up.

              1. Other businesses park there and sometimes I have to wait on someone pulling in or out.
              2. LOTS of RVs and boats are there so sometimes near the weekends I am waiting on those.
              3. I have to drive almost 6 miles to get there. I feel like it is a waste of gas in my big ol truck.
              4. There are constant problems with the security gate it seems. I can't tell you how many times I have gone to return the trailer at the end of the day and the gate won't open, so I have no choice but to park in my driveway in an HOA no less, and just wait for the fine warning to come in the mail. (This has slowed since the economy took a dump and I think the patrollers have held back on picking on least I have never actually gotten a fine).

              Just last night I happily pulled around to my row and there was an RV parked in the middle of the lane. I ask if the guy is gonna be there awhile and then chose to just go to the other side to back it all the way down. Well the next row had truck pulling a giant camp trailer so I back my trailer up some more, that row had two cars headed toward me, so after backing up over half the entire lot, I find an open lane. I get all the way lined up to back down my row, and here comes all 3! I was so ticked! All those men probably thought I was some crazy girl, cuz my window was open and I yelled out of frustration, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! Then remembered that they coulld all clearly read my signage, LOL! SO I had to exit the freakin' lot, and re-enter and do it all over again....needless to say, I enjoyed 2 very strong margaritas last night.


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                Thanks. My soon to be Ex got an attorney and is sueing me to divide the business. My response was to tell them she can have 100% of it. There's your division. Her response? "I don't want it! I have no place to put it!" I suggested a place but she'd have to go through an airport scanner to show it to a buyer.
                Yes, I also have an attorney.