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Anivac in Zoomin Grooming van

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  • Anivac in Zoomin Grooming van


    I just met someone who bought a Zoomin' Grooming franchise and the van is equipped with an Edemco grooming table, an Anivac, and an Edemco HV dryer. It has air conditioning and heat and 2 inverters. It's a Sprinter with windows on both sides and some ceiling lighting.

    The Anivac is for washing the dogs. The owners of this van are looking to hire a groomer. They themselves don't know how to groom dogs. There is no tub in the van so there is no option wash a dog the conventional way.

    I read a few threads about the Anivac in the equipment forum on and it seemed that most groomers don't think this is the solution for dogs (but may be good for horses and other large animals).

    Has anyone else has seen one of these vans and/or seen the Anivac in action?


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    I have never used one, never heard of it, but I looked it up on line as well. Looks like a carpet cleaner for dogs, LOL! How would you scrub really dirty dogs, we also massage the dogs, they love it while bathing. Looks strange to me. Beware!!!


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      Wow something new!

      I have seen and used the A.K.A Anivac real US name Ecowash. I found myself wondering if this thing realy would work on pets such as dogs and catsand it did! WONDERFULY. Some of us have been in this industry long enough to know that there has been alot of changes made within it.Such as shampoos, dryers ,shiers, tables and so on. But has anyone ever come up with something approved by the C.D.C. No one has the cleaning solution is so powerful that it kill over 90 percernt bacteria but mild enough that you could drink it and not be harmed. The
      inventor is a pet owner him self and came up with this wonderful revolution for our industry. And yes he is from Canada. I could go on and on about this new invention for our industry but why should I .If you would like to see a live demo contact me at [email protected]. I a 27 year groomer and train groomers for ZoominGroomin. So my ending comment would be reader beware touch feel and demo something new before you judge it. thank all Paul