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  • An interesting observation

    I have read many times mobile groomers talk about what type of clients they usually get. When some of us mobile groomers have parked at some of the chain stores I have read comments that they need not worry about us stealing business because they don't attract the same type of clientele. So I was kind of surprised after I opened up and started that a huge percentage of my current customers used to go to a large chain store. I started my career at a Superpetz, which I loved and was a much smaller chain in the midwest. I have nothing against corp groomers at all. I just found it interesting because of the comments I had read here. I'm sure it probably varies area to area. I couldn't tell you what any of the box stores charge because I never price compare, so I don't know much more more expensive I may be. Really don't care about that anyway. Just thought I'd share my observation.
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    I agree

    Yes I agree. Alot of my customers used Petsomething before.
    I have nothing about them. Everybody starts somewhere. and at least you can just walk in I guess. That wouldn't be possible with me, even if sometimes people knock on my trailer door and ask if I could do their dog right after.

    One of my customers told me that they charge the same as me. I was shocked about that because it showed me how cheap I am. But at least they told me that their dogs always got fleas from there...that would never happen at my place because I am very picky about this.

    anyway, I don't think we get a very different clientel. I just think we get the ones who found out about us and like the idea they don't have to go anywhere and their lovely dogs don't have to sit in cages.

    In the beginning of my career I parked sometimes in front of the big store with my trailer when I needed something. Then I read a post here about that and I parked from then on across the street at the LOWES parking lot. Gave me a better feeling, lol.