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  • Happy Birthday Mom

    It is officially March 12, and what would have been my mom's 57th birthday. It is also the 2nd anniversary of my mobile business being open since I opened on her birthday. It's been, well, it's been a lot of things these past two years. Dealing with my moms death was horrible, having to start this business that was supposed to be for the both of us without her was so painful at times, but the business just continues to grow. As if it has a life of it's own. I wonder how much of that is my mom's doing. I see her everytime I go out to get in the van as I have her picture on the back. I miss her terribly, but our dream of a booming business has come true. I hope she can see how well it is doing and is proud of what I've been able to accomplish. I miss you mom, this has all been for you. You said I could do it and once again, mom knew best.
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    mylady...I think she would be very, very proud of your tenacity, your kindness and compassion towards all things human and critter, and your steadfast commitment to the things in life that ultimately matter the most.

    Happy Birthday mylady's Mom.
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      Hi MYLADY, I don't think I've ever posted on here but when i read your thread it really struck
      home to me. I just lost my mom to cancer last October (09) and she would hve just had her 56th birthday. She was my best friend and biggest fan and is MISS HER SOOO Much. It was a sad Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Her birthday and now my birthday just passed and I don't think the pain ever gets easier. But I've read quite a few posts of yours and I can honestly say you sound like a very sweet, smart, level headed, hardworking groomer and I KNOW your mom must be VERY proud of you. So keep your head up to the sky and know that she's more than OK. Out of pain and the pangs of life and just HAPPY. She is now beyond age and any physical limitations. So be happy for her and smile :-)


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        Im sure your mom is proud of you, You are an insperation to others a succes story that someday I hope to accomplish. you are always so helpful and kind in your posts, like they say the apple doest fall far from the tree. gongrats on your two years!!!


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          I am pretty sure your mom would be so proud of you. My mom didn't get to know that I started the grooming business as well. I am not sure if she would have thought that I would become a groomer but she would be happy that I found a job that I am happy with.


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            I'm sorry it took me so long to post to this mylady. In my religion (I'm jewish) we light a yartzeit
            candle to commemorate a day such as this. You say a prayer (or whatever you like - in my opinion.) The candle burns for twenty four hours. You can buy them in any grocery store. It wouldn't be too late to buy one. Lighting this candle when you are alone gives you the opportunity to say what you please, whatever is on your heart.

            I wish I was a magic groomer. I would bring your Mom back to you in a heartbeat. I know she is looking down upon you and seeing a beautiful, smart, talented, hardworking, successful Mom. You can know that she did such a great job because she created you. She'll always be in your heart and a part of your soul. That's how Mom's are.