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Leasing a grooming van

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  • Leasing a grooming van

    I really want to go mobile, but the thought of grooming in someone else's house, doesn't really appeal to me, and I can't afford to buy a grooming van at this time. Is there anyone out there that leases grooming vehicles? Or even a rent to own time deal... Yes I pay more in the long run, but I don't have another loan on my credit, and I don't have to come with tens of thousands of dollars to buy one outright.

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    My bank said dont lease. I was just lucky and found a used Sprinter from a friend for less and converted myself after I worked in a selfconverted trailer for 5 years.
    But I have seen on the ad pages there is a Sprinter for lease/sale. The leasing rate was pretty high though.
    I wish you good luck. I love being mobile and wouldn't trade for a thing.


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      Hanvey leases grooming vans, but honestly, for the monthly lease payment, I can't imagine buying one would be any more expensive and of course there is mileage limits. And then instead of owning it after 5 years (or whatever the term) you have to turn it in or pay more to purchase it, if that's an option. If I remember correctly, the lease payments were all over $1K a month. I've been told it's harder to get apprived to lease a vehicle than to finance one. Not sure if that is the case. But if you really want to lease one, Hanvey certainly offers it and I love their vans.
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        Most leasing companies have a jaundiced eye towards people new to the business. They look for an established track record of performance, positive cash flow proven by financial statements, and a sterling credit rating.

        I found out it was easier buying a van and self-converting it. If you have a handy husband or a bunch of handy friends, you can get a used van and do the work yourself. You'll save about half of the cost of a used conversion.
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          HEllo I bought my first van and drove it for 12 years,,,,,thats the best way to go... but I do understand your situation.

          I ended up leasing my second van due to my divorce... through Curry Auto leasing in Texas got my van from wagntails. Curry has been great and I love my van/

          It is a tough call but do what is best for you.