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Need some help from my peers.

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  • Need some help from my peers.

    I am a fairly new employer. My employee is part time and her work is good and the clients love her. She use to be in partnership at a shop and left for personal reasons so the other woman took over sole ownership. For the most part I'm happy with her work with a few exceptions, but not enough to squabble about considering the lack of good groomers in my area. Well, today I recieved a call from her x-partner explaining to me that a vendor she uses called her and during the conversation it came up that my employee purchased an order using the x-partners tax ID # and my business name as her business name. I got the vendors # and called and sure enough she said my business name was her new business name and did use the x-partners tax id #, even tho her name was removed from that over a year ago. I have not seen my employee yet and I'm not quite sure if she committed some type of fraud or if I should confront her or write her up or let her go. If you all could give me some advice i would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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    so she ordered from company x and used her and her partners old tax id # and had ithe order sent to where she works now ,the business you own?
    I would think that is between her and the other business owner.
    I dont know how it affects you but maybe I dont understand correctly ?


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      What she did isn't right and I don't know what excuse she can make that would justify it. All people have is their word and if you can't trust them you are better off letting her go. This is one instance, using your business name without your permission. Not okay!


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        Her actions were wrong, but I don't know that they were malicious. I'd question why she did it. Did she do it to get a discount? Did she do it because she needed a tax ID to order from that company? If I had my guess, one of those was the reason and she then used your business name because she now works there.

        I'd simply approach it as though the employee didn't really realize it is unethical and wrong and even potentially illegal. While of course she should realize it is wrong, and may have realized it, she may have thought it would not actually cause anyone any real harm. I'd suggest if there is something she needs, and needs to order through a business in order to receive a discount, then she simply needs to communicate with you and the two of you can then see what you can work out. Use this as an educational opportunity.

        I would not give her your business ID number. I would explain if you hear about her doing something like that again that you will have to let her go as you just cannot handle that type of unethical behavior. Inform her that you would prefer her to not use your business name to order something for herself, and that if something needs to be ordered for the business, that you will do the ordering. If ordering her equipment/supplies through your business name gets her a discount, then by all means, assist her in that and let her pay for her things.

        As for fraud, I would leave that entirely up to the vendor. They obviously know at this point that she lied to them. But as to pursue anything, that would be entirely up to them and none of your business. Just be sure you inform that vendor that you are the only person authorized to order things for your business and they should be cool with that. Ask for them to inform you if anyone attempts to order things in your business name.

        I think you have to approach the issue with her, but I think also that this isn't something you want to fire her over. Obviously you are going to carefully watch your financials, but you would be doing that with any employee you have.


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          Wooo doggies!

          Trust is so hard to find. What was her motivation? What benefit was this for her? I don't understand why she used the tax id number unless she saved a tremendous amount of money. So now I wonder what the falling out was with the other business, lie and deceit? Be very careful and don't give her any client lists, did she sign a no compete protecting your client lists? I know they are hard to defend in court but you can put a clause in it to keep your employee from stealing your client list. I would simply ask her why she did this, what was her motivation? Good luck


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            It sounds to me as if she is grooming on the side. You want to watch your client list VERY carefully.
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              Was this a vendor that only does business with companies and not the general public? I'm asking because I've had to give my tax id to show I was a business before I could purchase any products from them. I would call the vendor back. Ask them why they would transfer a new business names and addresses to existing tax id numbers without any proof of ownership. They are on the front lines to stop fraud..and this is what she did..fraud. I would really question their ability to keep my private information safe and chew some serious butt.

              I would have a big problem with this and probably would fire her. If she needed something she could have asked you, but instead she chose to tamper with tax id #'s and business names. It's a pretty big deal. A tax ID # is no different than your social security would you feel is she stole that?


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                Boy, you guys are pretty generous with her “wrong doings”. I would have her out the door in a NY second. You will never be able to trust her again, and suspicions will be at every corner. There is no excuse for her actions…… except deceit….good groomers can’t be that hard to find to tolerate these actions.

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                  Today is is the other gal - tomorrow it will probably be you.

                  Don't know what sort of access your employee has to your business information, but I'd trust this tootsie about as far as I could throw her.


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                    I would wait and see if she brings the stuff to the shop or tells you anything.
                    Some vendors want to sell only to the trade and may require a business name to be put on order. She might have done it for any other reason other the pressure from vendor. I have ordered supplies for my personal use before and even though i made it clear that I was buying them for my own use, vendor insisted to put it under shop name. I told the owner about it.


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                      Originally posted by lexapurple View Post
                      I would wait and see if she brings the stuff to the shop or tells you anything.
                      Some vendors want to sell only to the trade and may require a business name to be put on order. She might have done it for any other reason other the pressure from vendor. I have ordered supplies for my personal use before and even though i made it clear that I was buying them for my own use, vendor insisted to put it under shop name. I told the owner about it.
                      ditto, I've bought stuff in the past and they'll ask me "company?" are they asking who I work for? Are they asking the company I own? I know LP calls me saying they are calling the company I work for, that I gave them because they said "company?" and I wanted them to know I am a pro groomer, and wanted the groomer pricing rate. So is this wrong? Maybe her employee did something similar to this?


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                        There is a difference between setting up a personal account and having your purchase shipped to the shop you are working at, and what this person did. This person set up some kind of account in the business name (that she doesn't own) and used a tax id number that was not hers. This is like someone using your social security number to open a credit card. No way!

                        I would ask the employee about it, and if this is what she did I would fire her.

                        Paws around town, call the vendor and demand your name be taken off of the account. You did not authorize a purchase nor did you authorize her to set up an account.


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                          I would talk to her before you jump to any conclusions. She might have a perfectly logical reason for what she did. It might have nothing to do with deceit and fraud.

                          I myself have purchased items using my employers tax id#. Of course they always knew about it. Some companies will only sell to you if you are a retailer.

                          I would simply explain exactly what happened and allow her to explain. If you go in with the attitude she is out to rob you and it was innocent you are going to offend her.
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                            two words....... you're fired.


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                              Thanks for all the replies and

                              for everyones advice. We have a meeting setup and I will approach her and see what she says. She use to be a manager at one of the Pet..... for a while so I'm sure she probably knows more about this kind of action than I do. Maybe not. We'll see. So if I do let her go what kind of fall back am I looking at? Will I have to pay unemployment to her? Anyone?