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What shampoo are you using to cut down on drying time in your mobile ?

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  • What shampoo are you using to cut down on drying time in your mobile ?

    I love my protein by Quadruped but the dilution rate isn't that great and it tends to be used up fast with my few big hairy's. I also use Ultimate by groomers edge and the Tropiclean oxymed and those two seem to make my drying time increase compared to the protein. I'm wondering if adding some Speed Dry shampoo to my current shampoo would help. I also use a drying spray but can't think of the name right now with my head cold and allergies!

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    i use Show Seasons Speed Dry Shampoo and will mix it with whatever shampoo I am using (unless it's medicated or something), then I use the Show Seasons Results Rinse followed by the Speed Dry Spray. All three cut down drying time and together make a world of difference.
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      Speed Dry is awesome, especially love it on cats. Smells like gardenias!
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        The new line from Best Shot - Ultra Max Pro. Its awesome. There is a thread I started on the Grooming Supplies forum about the Ultra Max. I really really love this stuff.

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          WhyB3! I've noticed a pretty signifigant difference in drying time since I started using this shampoo.
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            I think all of the Nature's Specialties products do a great job of rinsing clean and allowing faster dry times. I tend to use The Stuff a LOT and that really helps as well, especially for double coated dogs. I also tend to brush these guys while soapy and remove all that undercoat to speed drying and make less mess in the deshedding process. Best Shot is very good as well, though I always felt like it didn't do a great job with getting dogs clean...but we have hard water and it looks like they changed up their formula to something a little better? NS also all dilute really well, from 16 to 1 up to 32 to 1 in most cases.