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Need A Generator...Help! :)

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  • Need A Generator...Help! :)

    I have recently purchased a converted grooming trailer that needs a lot of updating. I want it to be completely self contained and this requires buying a generator. I am curious as to how many watts I need it to be. I have the K9 II dryer and I will be installing a new AC/Heater that will be running most of the time. I am not too worried about anything else running if I can get buy with the dryer and A/C going at the same time.

    What would you recommend? Any suggestions?

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    H O N D A is the magic word

    From my own good and bad experiences over 5 years with 3 different gennies, I only suggest to get a Honda. My first one was a HOnda 6000 watt, what I bought used. It was my best one. Back then I didn't have an A/C. then I used a spare Gennie what is not even worth to name it. After years the Generator itself burned out and was too expensive to get repaired. The engine was still fine. So I bought a 8500 watt Maxtool. It exploded after one year. I always had trouble with it. Now my mechanic put the Maxtool and the HOnda together and with the Honda engine it runs perfect again.
    I always would go with at least 8500 watt or better if you want to be independent and have no worries to run several high amp things at the same time.

    THe professional Converting Companies mostly put Onan Gennies in the Van or trailer, what is also a commercial use Gennie, but I heard so many bad things here on the board that these owner have alot of problems and always have to change parts and stuff. I never had this problem with my Honda before.



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      I respectfully disagree with Loni's statements about Onan generators.

      You hear a lot on this board about how BAD Onan generators are. If they were TRULY as bad as some people make them out to be, WHY are they standard equipment on fire rescue vans, mobile emergency operations centers, most recreational vehicles with generators, and the choice of the leading mobile conversion company.

      Our Onan CMM7000 has only needed one repair, that for a defective fuel pump at 2100 hours. It now has nearly 3500 hours on the hourmeter, it starts every time, and runs all day without complaint.

      Honda makes a good generator as well. But don't give Onan the brush off. As the Onan service center tells me and my husband, most problems with Onan generators can be traced right back to the lack of maintenance by the owner. Attend to basic maintenance on schedule, and you should have few problems. Let things like oil changes (oil not only lubricates, but aids in cooling the engine) filter changes, and preventive maintenance and adjustments, and the generator will give many hours of trouble free service.
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