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good bye phone book ad(verizon)

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  • good bye phone book ad(verizon)

    I started my business last year and had done different kinds of ads. I was lucky that the phone book company screwed up my ad that I only pay almost nothing for a business card ad. However, I didn't really see that many calls that actually booked the appointments came from the phone book. The company just recently gave me the quotes on different listings, and it is going to be much higher than what I am paying now. For example, I have to pay abut $70 have my number listed on the white and yellow page, so I have going to discontinue the ad in the phone book. I still have my ad run on the newspaper 3 times a week for another half of the year, so I think that will be enough advertising for a while. It is not the cheapest way to advertise but for me it is quite effective. Most calls come from that and many book the appointments. Do most of you still list in the phone book?

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    My bus # is listed free

    Because I pay for the phone. I also have others free, and have no idea how or why. I even get a few calls from those now and then. Mostly word of mouth, seeing my rig, and client referrals are my best source.


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      I do not advertise in the phone book, but I do advertise on Yellow Haven't been on it long enough to tell you how effective its been, but I pay a little over 80 to get top listing in both pet grooming and pet supplies. Not too bad!
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        I'm no longer listed--not even white or yellow pages--my business number is a mobile. Most phone book calls were price shoppers and so no bookings, since I too am mobile and not the least expensive way to go. I still get plenty of calls from referrals, website, my cards at vet offices, and people seeing my rig.


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          &quot;can you say facebook&quot;

          I just wanted to add that my "ex" husband and I used the phonebook for our KJing company we had years ago and had one call from it..Most of our business came from word of mouth! So we dropped that ad upon renewal. Back then we didn't have facebook, myspace and twitter.

          Now years later with my going on 2 year old home grooming business I set up a facebook page for my business and oh my god word of mouth through that is spectacular! I started it by suggesting to my friends, posting my dogs I've done and soon the page spread..I asked my friends to suggest to their friends with dogs and my phone is ringing, ringing and ringing! I profile a new clients dog each week with some background info on their furkid and the clients love it...And guess what its "FREE" advertising!!!!


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            I am not renewing my ad either, mostly calls come from word of mouth


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              Never have advertised - I have got virtually all of my clients either by word of mouth, or just by walking my own dogs around the 100 acre off-leash dog park in my area. LOL