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HELP!!!!!! with battery/inverter question?

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  • HELP!!!!!! with battery/inverter question?

    I think I have one batt that is not charging or failure to hold a charge. I have six batts marine deep cycle 115 Amp HRS each.

    Lately my inverter has been turning off when I use my hv for more than a few minutes (on high)it is a K9II (I hope there is no problem with my dryer?LOL) anyway,when I charge the batts at night it reads fully charged (I have noticed the time it takes to charge has been less and lesS.

    The batt in question has been using more and more water(it seems to be working overtime maybe overcharging ) and the rest or the batts do not seem to be working much at all (they do nor get warm or bubble like the other batt in question).

    Either I have five batts that do not work (unlikely ,all 6 are 1 yr old).or one that is overcharging or something

    My question is .How does one batt going bad effect the other batts and do you think I have a bad one ?

    I also have changed chargers to a regular old batterie charger to make shure it was not my new charger that was the issue(the jury is still out on the charger).

    Sorry for the long post thanks in advance.



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    I would check the wires. I just found one of my wires had pulled out of the charger so it was only charging when it was touching. Also a car charger might not be charging them all, maybe its only charging one. Just an idea.

    K-9's are really high amps. I have a Kool Dry dryer which is 10amps.

    The Soapy Puppy


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      I've been told that when one battery doesn't charge properly, it usually draws down the rest of the batteries. Do you monitor the charge in each fo the cells of each battery? I keep a record of all of my batteries. Since your batteries are only one year old, you really shouldn't be having this problem.


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        It sounds to me like your batteries have become very sulfated.
        You mention they seem to charge up quickly. A shorted battery never charges up it just gets hot and turns all that electric to heat. Which would dry them out quickly. if bad enough it might even boil them. That might happen anyway if you keep trying to charge them up with a bulk charge rate when they are badly sulfated if the charge rate is too high for the remaining capacity.
        A mental picture may help you or it may not.
        >Imagine you have a 12 oz glass of water that you empty and fill regularly. Sometimes you let it sit empty too long.Each time it sits empty too long a rock is magically glued to the inside of your glass. These rocks begin to build up reducing the amount of water your glass can hold. Until it can hardly hold any water at all. Sulfate works like that. It is not actually added rocks but it is crystallized compounds which harden that were what makes your battery a battery. You can desulfate them or replace them to try and recover some of the capacity. You would need a charger with a desulfate mode or stand alone unit and chemicals to speed it up. If the batteries are damaged physically they will have to be changed out for new ones ,it;s hard to tell from here with out seeing them and testing them.
        It is always customary to check and double check that the charger is functioning right first. Sometimes people think it turned on but unwittingly manage to turn it off with out knowing it.


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          And people think generators are a hassle!


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            Thanks Guys

            I replaced the batt that I thought was bad and it appears to have fixed my problem(I do believe I had a charger that was wonkey too)

            I do believe that batt became sulfated ,I am checking the other five.

            I am going to keep a log of my batteries and there charge capacity.

            thanks for the advice guys I was pulling my hair out.