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Is somebody using a tommy gate or tommy lift?

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  • Is somebody using a tommy gate or tommy lift?

    I would like to know if there is anybody out there who is using a tommy gate or tommy lift what they use for wheelchairs in those disability Vans, to get the big dogs into the Van or trailer.
    I had this Idea after I start another conversion for a Sprinter van. I have so many health issues like bursitis, chronic tendenitis, arthritis... what makes it hard to lift big dogs. I still have alot of them and they dont go on their own into the trailer or van and they dont jump on the table either. I have to lift them up all the time and I am tired of it. I am too much in pain for this. A ramp don't work either because these dogs are stubborn and don't go up there.
    For the table I have my boyfriend who is inventing right now a new type of table for me, what lowers all the way down to the floor. He is a mechanic and makes it also electric. Oh I am so blessed. But the other problem with the entrance is still an issue. So a tommy lift would be great.
    Where can I buy it, is there one what fits a Sprinter door and what do they cost? How many pounds do they lift? Can I stand on it with the dog or the dog only?

    Thank's in advance, Loni

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    The shuttle bus I bought came with one and my friend converting it is turning it into a doggy elevator. See if there is a "Mobility Works" around you. They fit vans and buses with handicap accessible stuff. I was told by a client whose husband works for CDTA (bus line) that the wheel chair lift, if I wanted to sell it, could go for a few thousand dollars. Not sure if that's true, but it's the best guess I can give you.
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