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Need advice from Sprinter owner with the short version 144 WB

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  • Need advice from Sprinter owner with the short version 144 WB

    Finally after a whole year dreaming and waiting, I had a chance to buy a used sprinter from a friend for small money but in great shape that I could upgrade from a trailer to a Van. It is a 2003 model but no rust at all. Was under a carport all the time and always serviced. It is the shorter wheelbase of 144".

    Now I go through all the set up things again.getting no sleep at night because my mind is restless, thinking about what floor, wall material, lighting, generator, a/c, waterheater, tanks, pump, table and tub I will buy for it. I don't wanna do the same mistakes as I did with the trailer cuz I didn't know better.

    How are your set ups? The only one I have still on file is WetNoze (thank you for that). But I dont think I can't ask you what you used for the walls etc. and where you bought it because it is probably not a self conversion.

    I am wondering what you guys did for the power source. I was reading posts and thinking ...and thinking...and thinking ...and finally I guess I dont choose the inverter because it is too cost intensive and the batts last just 4 years and then I have the same costs again. The generator last longer and there is always a chance to get it repaired because my friend is a mechanic who can do everything. He just made me a generator out of two of my broken ones. One of them is a Honda, the other one is a Maxtool with even more watts. The Hondas gen was burned out and the Maxtools engine exploded (or better the piston in it). My new "designer Gennie" works great. I am so proud of him. And I didn't pay a dime for it. that was the only solution after Maxtool didn't want to give me an exchange, even though the gennie was still on warranty when it died. They just dont care and told me I abused the gennie cuz I used it too much.

    My question now is: where do you guys fix your power source in a short wheelbase?
    what kind of material did you use for the walls?
    What kind of light fixtures did you use?
    How are the a/c's working you run with the engine of the Van and where can I buy those?
    What are the preferred water heater, the usual one, the tankless heater or the one where the water get heated by the Van engine? Do these Vans are the same engine type as the others?
    Does anyone have a hydraulic tub and where did you buy it and does it work well and what did you pay for?
    Is there anybody who had problems with the transmission? My friend and my exhusband (both germans) told me they had alot of problems with the tip shift transmission. this are the automatic where you tip the stick to the left and right to shift higher or lower when you use overdrive.

    I hope I didn't forget any question.
    Please let me see pictures if you have.
    I thank you guys in advance!!!