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Does anybody use a Diesel Generator?

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  • Does anybody use a Diesel Generator?

    I upgrade from a trailer to a Sprinter van now and dont want to do old mistakes again. So the question is, do I buy another Honda or a Diesel generator what is enclosed and more fuel efficient. Do they work well on a daily basis? I just noticed that the one I was looking at had just two 120 V outlets and one 220 Volt outlet. My setup requires 4 120Volt outlets already.

    Is the Diesel Gennie really more quiet then the others because that's what the adds are telling me. The one I am looking at has 6000 watt. I will run the a/c with the engine of the van, so I think I would be fine with 6000 watt.

    My sprinter is a short version, so I dont have a chance to put it inside with a drawer or you ever call this like the professionals or the RV's.
    My friend wants to build me a platform what he wants to attach to the back of the van where he puts it on a pivot what can be locked on the hitch, or you can losen it up and swivel to the sidewalk that I can open the back doors. For this reason I would like to have an enclosed Gennie cuz it would get to messed up in the back if its open.

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    Diesel generators are quieter. They are also heavier.

    You might consider mounting the generator in the rear of the van, INSIDE. Have a sheet metal fabrication shop build you an enclosure that would surround the generator and seal against the rear door when the generator is running. You would have to cut a hole in the floor for access to the filters and to allow the generator exhaust to pass through. A vent in the door itself would also be required.

    You can also look at how other converters have mounted their generators in Sprinters. Be very careful, though. The Sprinter has a unibody construction and no frame. If you cut the body willy nilly without providing for stiffening and bracing to replace the cut out portion, you WILL weaken the unibody construction and possibly destroy your van.

    Look around places such as RV dealerships that sell Sprinter RV conversions and see where the companies put generators in those units.
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      No frame? Don't scare me. Every vehicle has a chassys what means frame doesn't it? I have a havy duty hitch what is not fixed to the bumper like others it is actually fixed to the frame. That's what they told me. My boyfriend who is a Mechanic, looked underneath the Van and made the decision to make this platform on a pivotfixture what you can lock tight to the hitch or swivel to the curbside. I thought it is a super great idea. This way I can make oil changes and check the oil and have the chance to open the back doors.

      If I put it in the Van, it will be maybe too loud. and how am I doing oilchanges? and cutting so many holes into the van...i don't know. If I can avoid it, that's why I thought our idea is perfect. What speaks against it?

      The professional Converters use mostly inverters today or this kind of a drawer to hide it inside the Van, but then they use those bigger versions of the Van. I have the shorter Version, there is not enough space inside to do that. The Rv places do the same thing. The also use only the bigger Versions.

      I was just wondering if the Diesel gennies are as good as the Honda gennies and if they are really for commercial use. I am only concerned because for a year ago I bought a MaxTool with 8500 Watt (Gas) gennie and ask the company before I bought it if it is for commercial use. They said yes. after half a year the problems started. I had 4 repairs before finally the piston exploded and destroyed the engine. The company doesn't want to give me an exchange or anything, even though the gennie was still for one more week on warranty.
      That's why I am so careful with buying that Diesel gennie before I know more about it.


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        More from my better half

        Wag'nTails uses a diesel generator/inverter system in their Sprinter Endurance model.Sprinter Endurance Their generator is mounted inside the van, right behind the driver's seat in it's own compartment. There is an access door on the driver's side to get to the generator for maintenance. As Wag'nTails puts their generator inside their van (and covers it with a second grooming area/desk) you can do the same.

        Sprinters do not have a standard frame. The entire body is welded together to form a single unit called a "unibody". While you can cut into the body to make hatches and access doors for equipment, WHERE you cut is important. You have to reinforce where you cut to keep the van structurally intact. If you don't the body can fold in or accordian where the missing metal is and ruin your van.

        As Laura stated before, take a look at the Sprinter RVs at a local RV dealer to see where they put things like water heaters, generators, water tanks, and other accessories. It can give you some insight as to where you can and where you SHOULDN'T put things.

        Good luck to you! - Richard

        All the best from me, too!
        "With God's help, all things are possible!"
        Laura Lee Ray
        I am kats_melody on eGroomer. Follow my Twitter tweets - @ZOOMGROOM on


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          Thank you very much for your interesting posts.
          Unfortunately I have seen a Diesel gennie at Norhtern is huge!!!
          That monster is too big to put it anywhere in a short version Sprinter. I guess I have to go with an inverter.