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Spark arrester on generator

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  • Spark arrester on generator

    My generator was running really rough and someone had posted that they removed thier spark aresster and it was fine. I can't find the post.
    I did remove mine and the exhast pipe (muffler I guess) does not vibrate nearly as much and it runs a lot smoother. I was concerned, because the gene guy welded the pipe, and I was afraid it was going to break. But now I am concerned about a fire. My generator guy is no help at all. He is so busy with high dollar rvs. I wish I would have bought an ownan instead of a generac. If I would have been properly informed, I would have. All hindsight now. But if anyone knows about this spark aresster, I would appreciate any info.

    Also, I know a lot of you use result rinse, I love it, but do you rinse it out and shampoo again? I just realized that the instructions on the bottle does state this. I have been leaving it on for a year now. There is no way I could use that much shampoo and water on one dog. I would never make it throught the day waterwise. I guess I should have read the instructions better. I have had no problem leaving it in, but if it is harmful to the skin, I will stop using it.
    Thank you.
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    Dont know about the spark thingy, but with the Results Rinse, there are many ways of using it. Look at all the directions on the bottle, depends on what you are trying to acheive and what type of coat you have. I dont recall anything about shampooing the dog again. Those directions are a little cofusing to me on some of them. Sonetimes you use as a final rinse, sometimes you rinse it out, you can also use it as a spray. I dont have the bottle in front of me right now, but I will look when I go in my van a little later on today.
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      The spark arrestor is installed for generators that will be used in campgrounds. It's a requirement in many state and national parks that a generator be equipped with one.

      If your generator will only be used while parked in someones driveway, I wouldn't give a thought to keeping it off. Our generator doesn't have one and we haven't started a forest fire yet. But we don't groom dogs and cats in the forest, either.

      If your generator runs well without the spark arrestor, good thing for you. Generac makes a good generator, so I wouldn't worry about that part either. We have a Generac generator for backup use during hurricane season. It is very reliable.
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