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    Well, I haven't seen Sammy "the hair" Dabrowsky since October 06'. He's an outside dwelling Great Pyranese that gets full run of a 10 acre property with ponds, swimming pool, with a pool house, and the mansion itself. They don't groom him in the colder weather....can't convince them otherwise. And there is a language barrier. But today I got to groom him again. He was a trainwreck but everything went well after I clipped out all his butt mats and the ones behind his ears. He creates a blizzard of white hair everywhere in the van. Hence the nick name I have given him. Sammy The Hair Dabrowsky. With that name he sounds like some character off the Sopranos.

    Then, there was Lucky Caputo. She's an old yellow lab. Good for everything. She just sounds like another mobster with that name. I think I'm in the mood for Italian food

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    I have one coming in tomorrow and one Friday.
    I guess tomorrow is the one in the worst shape.

    She warned me it would be bad.
    I set aside the whole day so it wouldn't kill me.
    I will save what I can, is all I promised.

    I was surprised to see they both only weigh like seventy some pounds.
    I was expecting much more.
    How big was the one you did?


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      It's that Pyranese time of year! I've got Jake, the 150 pounder, coming in for his "Spring Shave Down" this Saturday.

      I have my bottle of Advil ready!


      • #4 just reminded me about the 2 great pyrs I did the week I started. They said they'd be calling me in the spring! They were the dogs that christened my new van.... Geez, ferret...thanks for the memories, lol!
        don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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          I have a client with 2 great pyrs, they get done every 4 weeks....The one is huge, he must weigh 170lbs...Completly fills the tub in the van...The van looks like a cotton candy factory of fur, unbelievable!! The things we groomers do!


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            Monday is my newfie day. Two 150 pounders. Luckily they're on a reg. schedule of 4 weeks too.
            Next wednesday is SB, and Great Pyrenees day. Yup it's that time of yr.


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              I'm not mobile but thought I'd jump in here. The GP I do is Stoli. Beautiful dog. He's about 130 lbs. The cotton candy factory comment applies here. Nice dog but barks and shreds towels if crated so he pretty much gets to wander around just to shut him up. Nice owner. Loves her dogs. In addition to Stoli she has a yorkie, standard poo, 2 or 3 poms, and just recently decided she needed another dog so she got a newfie! Needless to say we batten down the hatches when that crew comes in.


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                I have my own -- 3 pyrs. I always have hair. They do prefer to be outside, but when they come in its a carpet of white, especially with spring here