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I have a very specific generator question

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  • I have a very specific generator question

    Has anyone replaced an Onan Generator with a comparable Honda generator in a Wagntails conversion 2004 or newer? Thanks and hopefully someone has been brave enough to do this. Any help would be so appreciated!!! Thanks

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    Why a Honda?

    You said "replace an Onan generator with a comparable Honda generator" in a WNT 2004 or newer.

    No, we didn't replace our generator. But in looking at the current Honda offerings on the Honda web site, there are NO comparable Honda generators on the web site. They have made RV generators in the past, but I had trouble finding them on the web. Perhaps an RV place might know.

    But on the web site for Honda generators, the highest power rating they show on the site is a 5000 watt contractor grade, with a single cylinder Honda engine.
    The Onan generator that came out of the salvaged 2004 WNT we used to build our van has a TWO cylinder engine with 7000 watts.

    So if you take the biggest generator that Honda makes and put it in your van, it will be:

    less powerful
    without remote control start.

    If you absolutely hate Onan, Kohler and Generac make generators comparable to the one you are trying to replace.
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      Thanks for the information. Just exploring my options by taping into potential resources from other people.


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        5k largest? no electric/remote start?

        I would not use a contractor grade anything, they are the loudest.... but I think you forgot about the EU6500iSA
        6500 watts, 120/240V
        Perfect for home back up power, RV's, outdoor events, job sites, and more
        Super quiet
        Fuel efficient - up to 14 hrs on 4.5 gals of gas
        Convenient electric start
        Inverter - stable power for computers and more

        or one that is made to be put in a RV
        Honda RV EV6010 Generator Review
        The Honda RV EV6010 generator provides 6,000 watts of power in a compact design. The 12.2 HP twin-cylinder, liquid cooled engine provides a dependable source for powering AC units as well as other items.


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          I use a honda

          I bought a honda 6500eui very quiet gives enough power for evrything


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            Where do...

            you go to get the Honda generator seviced?


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              I havent needed to service it yet
              but if you go directly to their website it can locate a local dealer to buy and service honda generators .com I think


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                sams club

                I am a member of sams club. They are offering a 50% off price right now on the servicing of Honda Generators. Hondas are queit and very reliable.


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                  Will I be able to use my AC and hair dryers all at once? Will it fit where the Onan fits? And hooked up the same. I am eventually going to need to replace my Onan's. I have heard good things about the Honda generators. I have Wagntails.


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                    I have a Honda 6500, the quiet one and I LOVE it!!

                    Lori, I would call the RV place on the southside - I think it's Greenwood? I bet they would have a better idea of what would need to take place in order to make a smooth installation. I'm almost positive they have a service center and if they don't I bet they could point you in the right direction. Grooming vans are built with mostly RV parts.

                    Hope this helps!