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  • Getting Back to Work

    I had my surgery Jan 12 and got back to work about a week ago -- just three or four dogs each day (I used to groom 6-8 regularly) and the first few days were pretty exhausting, but yesterday wasn't too bad. I moved today's grooms up to Saturday because we were SUPPOSED to get up to 4 inches of snow, but it's actually sunny. Oh well. I'm not minding a day off and then two back on. Getting back to work, even for half days, has really helped my mental state. I was getting pretty depressed being stuck in the house. I am struggling with a temporary ileostomy which is also depressing me, but getting out and about has truly done me wonders.

    My reversal is scheduled for April 6th and I will be out of work again, but only about three weeks (not going on six weeks like the 1st one). At least working half-days will make the next six weeks go faster!

    I am now working short days with small, easy dogs. I am really liking this!! I am thinking I may keep things slow through the summer, then advertise (for the first time since 2004) around August and get the "back-to-reality" post-summer daze business. I also don't think I am going to take back much of the larger dogs - there are few I just am crazy about (either the dog or the owner) but other than those few no new large dogs. Clean up for one thing is A LOT easier with the small poodle and terrier mixes I seem to be doing mostly now.

    So, for any of you who have missed me (haven't been too active on the boards lately), I guess I am back. Going to be putting the emphasis on getting back into shape and healthy after struggling with UC for the last almost-four-years. I lost about 15 lbs over the surgery and just about all my muscle tone, so after I get the okay from my surgeon after the next surgery I intend to get back to the gym. For the summer I am hoping to groom 4-5 dogs, which will have me home around noon, walk my own dogs, have a healthy lunch at home, then hit the gym and finish the afternoon at the community pool. Sounds like a good plan, yes?

    Financially it means slowing down on the savings, but I think, Big Picture, this year isn't going to make or break our retirement. And if I get healthy I'll be able to do those big grooming days again -- I DID enjoy it. I like grooming, I wasn't getting burned out, and bringing home the big bucks was nice. But I can definitely slow down for a little while and take my time rebuilding my client list to favor small easy dogs within a few miles of my house.


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    Wow - good for you!

    Enjoy starting to feel better and being able to work a bit again. Congratulations!

    UC - is that ulcerative colitis? Have you tried refrigerated probiotics to replenish your intestinal digestive bacteria? Several people I know have had good results with this.

    All the best to you.


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      Welcome back! Your plan sounds good. Start out slow and don't over do it. I'm liking your plan. Work, walk your dogs, lunch, gym, pool. That's the best of all worlds!


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        Debbiedogs, I tried EVERYTHING (yes, ulcerative colitis), from diet and supplements to numerous medications, including some pretty powerful ones. Believe me, the surgery was the LAST thing I wanted to do.

        Even with the post-surgical issues I already feel a lot better with my colon out. My body was fighting it and the constant inflammation. I am more alert and have more energy, so I know once I finish the next surgery and am able to work out again and regain those muscles I'm going to feel better than I have in years.

        I thought you'd approve of my plan Wetnoze!!



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          So glad you are back Meesh! I had emergency gallbladder surgery when I was home from Dubai a couple of years ago. They acted like it was nothing and told me to fly back and go to work after a week. I remember just the effort of driving the van around was exhausting for months. Build slowly....let your body regain its strength and by summer you will be good as new! I think it was hard for me cause I jumped right back in full speed. We have missed you on the boards...welcome back!


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            I'm glad your back. Missed your threads to tell you the truth. I love your plan. I've been working so much that I no longer am getting down to the gym and my whole body hurts from not going. Need to slow down, hopefully sooner not later.