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  • Need quick advise, please

    We found a 1991 Chevy G-30 van (cargo van that had a shell put on it). It has 91000 miles on it.
    Inside the shell part it has a generator, AC, roof vent, heating boards and electric wiring inside, nice floring as well. It could be plugged in if needed. The whole thing is selling for $3700. This is exactly how much money we got for our totaled car. I would need to put in a tub and water tanks but I have the rest of neseccery equipment already. To me it seems like a good deal and we can work on conversion as we get more money.
    I tried to check prices for grooming vans to see if buying this van and putting more money into converting it would not be more expensive than buying ready made ones. The vans I can find right now for sale are newer models.
    Do you think it is wise to buy an older van like this one to convert in to grooming van?

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    Y'all are gonna get tired of me saying this, but, get an independent inspection from a mechanic. That will give you some place to go.
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      there is a mobile grooming van for sale in orlando craigslist right now-5000


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        Older is ok if you know how to fix it, that will save you money & time in the long run. If you don't have anyone that can personally work on your vehicle like your husband, friend etc. A auto shop might take time to get into should you break down etc. I am luck to have a husband that can fix almost anything. We bought an 88' van last yr & had it mobile ready in June. It has a few issues but hubby can fix them. The other issue of having family work on it, they sometimes take their time to fix the minor things lol. Just remember when buying to always double check the title, vin etc. That was a mess with our van, all because the 90yr guy sold another 88' vehicle with the wrong title. It should have been an easy swap but the other person didn't respond. We went lost title route, we can register it every yr but can't sell it for another 2yrs till we get the title. Annoying it takes 3yrs for this.

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