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I forgot to ask...How is the mobile business in N.C?

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  • I forgot to ask...How is the mobile business in N.C?

    Do people pick up on it? Like the idea-or even know about it? All this talk about me moving down there (all the excitement) that I forgot to ask about the most important thing!! How is everyones business doing? Do you enjoy working in the area? Are people friendly , pets friendly? Is there already too much competition? I've looked online and have seen quite a few websites for mobile groomers... Being out on my own is my dream goal and now i'm worried it might not work out.

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    what part are you going to be in?

    i have clients moving there to Oxford or Raleigh area i think, will you be there? cause there does not seem to be anyone there. i had put up a post recently asking about mobile in NC..


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      Funny you should mention the Raleigh Durham area ... my folks, who retired to Boynton Beach, Fla, are finding the cost of living down there getting kind of steep on a fixed income. When we researched various areas of the country (check out for an excellent source of demographic and economic info on almost any city in the states) that area kept coming up as very favorable, yet not so low-cost that I don't think you couldn't get a reasonable price for grooming (wow, lots of double negatives from this former English major! Did I say that how I meant it? I think you would be able to get a decent price for mobile).

      Anyway, I got kind of excited about the area myself. But having just remodeled my house, and having just got my business built where I want it (no more nasty dogs or clients!) and with a high school junior at home, now isn't the time for a major move, but I can definitely see my hubby and I making a move like that in 8-10 years and enjoying the slower pace that not having to keep up with the high costs here (Washington DC suburbs) entail. Just selling our house here and buying a comparable one down there would net us more than $100K-$150K even in this softer housing market.

      So yeah, what's mobile grooming looking like in NC?


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        lol,looks darn good to me and I will hold the fort down while you wait the next ten years or so.I am mobile and the only one for miles n miles;shoot I wish someone elce would boost my market so I could raise my rates,nothing like some "good" compitition !


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          Charlotte NC Mobile Groomer

          I am in the Charlotte area and am one of maybe 3-4 active mobile groomers. I have been very impressed with the success of the business. A good portion of my client base have been transplants from other areas (mainly California) and moved here either for Nascar or the banking industry. Pricing has not been a problem (avg. 65-75) and increases are met with no resistance so far. Best advice I can give to anyone is "walk the walk"! If your client base is used to Caviar and Champagne, don't show up in a dirty van with your jean shorts and ratty t-shirt. The extra time spent detailing the van and catering to their, sometimes interesting requests has really paid off!
          Good luck!