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  • Insurance on Trailer

    What kind of insurances do you have to cover your Grooming Trailer?

    My DH says as long as the tow vehicle is covered it okay. Well, he is not always right!
    And this is my business and I want to do it right!!

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    Your husband is wrong.

    Your car insurance will cover:
    the basic trailer
    liability if the trailer becomes detached and causes injury or property damage
    depreciated value of the trailer if it is a total loss

    They DEFINITELY will not cover any of the grooming equipment, tools, generator/inverter, A/C, or any conversion parts. ASK your agent SPECIFICALLY what is covered, and he will no doubt tell you the same thing.

    As for professional liability, DEFINITELY not covered under your auto policy.

    For proper full damage and liability coverage, you will need a specialized policy.
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      EEHHHH, the DH is wrong. You are not covered.

      You need groomers insurance. Contact Gibson Govenor or state farm does insurance as well. They will only cover what ever you paid for on the cost of the trailer. Then you need that policy also to cover your contents, tools, loss of wages, personal injury, liability robbery, and pet injury. It will also cover your tow vehicle. So what you will end up doing is dropping your regular vehicle coverage and putting it under a commercial business policy.

      Your DH is correct that if you have a camper or a utility trailer or anything else you tow is covered under most policies. Regardless I still have a insurance policy on my camper. It only runs me an extra $16 bucks a month. Your normal policy will leave you out in the cold if something catastrophic happens.