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What size water pump needed for mobile?

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  • What size water pump needed for mobile?

    O.k, I have room I think for a 50 gallon grey tank and a 50 gallon fresh tank, and I am shopping now for a pump. I found a used one on craigslist that comes with a 50 gallon fresh tank, pump and all, for $ is a Shurflo Whisper King 40 psi pump. Is that the right size? I think that pump new sells for around $100, give or take a few bucks. A 50 gal tank is going to run me between $100-$250 depending on where I get $135 for tank and pump is sounding pretty good to me...I guess it came off a camper and is supposedly less than 2 years old. Am I making a misake thinking about getting a used pump? Is 40 psi too much pressure for what I'll need? What psi ratings do you all have on your pumps for your mobile? Thanks!! Amber

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    First, is the pump going to be wired with 110 AC or 12VDC?
    once you know that, what you want to look at is Volume not pressure, so look for GPM Gallons Per Minute. And here bigger is better. I use a 5GPM pump (biggest 110 demand pump I could find)


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      How many g/p/m? Mine is probably fairly low on that. but I don't go through water very quickly, which in mobile is great. I think when I was looking at water pumps I was looking at 3.2 g/p/m pumps, but it has been a while, so I may not be the best to advise. I'm sure someone else here can point you in the right direction.
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        65psi is normally what is used in RV's so 40psi may be too low. Not sure.


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          That pump will be fine, IF the only thing that was ever pumped through it was water, and not agricultural chemicals.

          Both the recirculating pump and the water pump on our rig are Shurflo units, 3.5 gpm, 45 psi. 12 volts is good, you don't have to worry about plugging in to run your water.
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            My system has a sureflo, 12V. It runs off a single deep cycle battery. I then have a small Trickle charger that is plugged into the back of my unit. So anytime my generator is on it powers up the charger which in turn keeps my deep cycle charged. You want a water pump that kicks automatically. Most of the RV 12v style pumps will do this when you open up any valve since they have a pressure switch that sees the need to push water.

            As far as tanks go this is about the cheapest place I have seen to get them.

            However my trailer is equipped with Ag style sprayer tanks with top fills. You can get those at COOP Stores, TSC, Ag Stores Etc. They work just as well. The nice thing is the opening on the top is large enough I can get my arm or a mop down in them to clean them really well from time to time.


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              Go to the Wag'n Tail's web site and click on their "Stores" site. They sell the pumps for about $65.00

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                ok I have a hanvey trailer it has a 40 gallon fresh and 40 gallon grey and I had to buy a new pump and I bought exactly what was in there to fall back on and here it is exactly as it says on the pump.................

                4901-4282 model number
                12 VDC
                Dimensions is 8.3" x 5.3" x 5.0"
                4.0 GPM Flow Rate
                10.0 AMPS
                45 PSI Shut off pressure
                2 year warranty

                I sure hope this helps, of course I have a 40 gallon tank but I don't think that matters. The water comes out pretty powerful and you probably don't need to to be that strong, sometimes I wish it would'nt come out so hard or fast, of course I can change the shower head but I waste a lot of water just trying to get the right temperature.

                I probably could of bought something different less GPM but didn't want to take the chance, don't know exactly what I'm doing beings this was my first trailer.

                But, I have certainly learned so much on this website you came to the right place!!!!!!!

                Good luck