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  • Tough day

    A client of mine who has Belgian Tervurens (7) had one diagnosed with stomach cancer in December just before the holidays. She battled it out and fought well but it ended today. This client happened to be on my book today because she is going to a show this weekend and has two entered but is taking all of them with her. She text me about an hour before her appointment and told me to excuse her in advance for be a blubbering mess because they were euthanizing Paris today. I asked her if she wanted to cancel and I would totally understand but she said no the dogs are dirty and they are still showing this weekend so to come and do the show grooms. I had no idea the vet was to get there after us and put her down and then the animal pick up service arrived after that to get her. My client came out to the trailer a while after with another dog (Ruby) for us and said that Ruby wouldnt let the lady take Paris's body.... she said she was very upset and protective about it and then we all started crying. It was all a very upsetting and heartbreaking experience.

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    How sad.....
    Been a tough day for some of us groomers.

    Paris will live on in everybody's memory and heart.
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      Thank you for your kind words... she will live on for certain <3