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  • more education?

    I was wondering. I own my own business and sometimes I wonder how I could go about getting more skills. All my clients do like the way I groom but sometimes I wish I had more or better skills. Since it's only me there is no way for me to attend the local grooming school or anything and it's hard for me to watch a DVD and learn without someone telling me if it's incorrect or correct. I would like to learn how to do cats the lady I learned from didn't do them and always warned how hard they are to groom. I would like to learn but again have no way get the hands on teaching. How do biz owners go about this?

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    Run, Don't Walk.....

    to the nearest Grooming Expo in your area. If you can afford to stay the weekend, do so even if it's close enough to drive. You can learn so much in a weekend. Also, look to see if there are any groomer groups near you. Sometimes a certified groomer will hold classes at their shop.