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  • Nuclear Fall Out

    Today I get to a new clients house and they had a chow mix, a husky mix and a Corgi. The Corgi went like a breeze because the owners had maintained it really well.

    The other two were a mess. I told the owner that technically they needed to be shaved. The undercoat was so thick and not really matted, but just thick as thistle. Its been colder than usual here so they didn't want that. So I pulled off two miracle grooms today. I told them I would have to charge them more than my original estimate. I bathed them really good and then worked in my quadruped leave in conditioner mixed at 4:1.

    So I used my HV dryer, undercoat rake, and stiff slicker and went to town. Lets just say the inside of my trailer looks like the outside of the Pup Truck in Dumb and Dumber right now and I looked like a Sasquach (spelling ?). The owers were thrilled. Not only did they pay me my increased rate, but they gave me a fat tip on top of it. I told them they didn't have to do that, but they said they wanted to make sure I was taken care of since they are for sure going to use my services from here on out.

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    Good Job! I know all about that flying fluff! I did a Golden Retriever yesterday and it was like snow on the floor around my feet when I was finished! I can only imagine what the inside of your trailer looked like!


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      Yea!! I'm sure they appreciated all your effort in NOT shaving the dogs. Anywhere else probably would have just buzzed them down for the sake of time. Sometimes going that extra mile gets you the best customers and awesome tips.


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        After watching Jodi Murphy's DVD on deshedding, I ALWAYS deshed in the tub.....I use my supersudser bathing system, leave the dog wet and sudsy, then with a large Les Pouches' slicker brush, I brush one side of the dog, rebath and brush again. Turn the dog and do the other side. Then I pour diluted Nature's Specialties E-Z Shed conditioner over the dog, brush the dog again, rinse and use a HV dryer. You will have very little hair floating around in your mobile if you follow Jodi's instuctions. It is so easy this way, since the hair is wet and slick from the soap and conditioner, less stress on your hands and arms, easier on the dog, and all the loose hair is wet and in the tub. Once you use this method, you will never go back to dry deshedding a coat.

        Happy Deshedding in your mobile

        Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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          Soooooo right that if you deshed in the tub, wet, it doesn't fly around. Makes SUCH a difference...especially in the mobile, but also in a shop! It's a great method and you're right that the Les Pooches brushes are the best at grabbing that hair!