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Big Rock smacked my grey water drain pipe right off my truck.

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  • Big Rock smacked my grey water drain pipe right off my truck.

    I am so sick of this snow and ice........
    Coming home from grooming tonight and the snow plow pushed a rock out on the side of the lane into my house. I hit it just perfect and it tore off my grey water pipe. I pulled in the garage and went over to pull the handle and take the cap off the pipe. OMG there was no pipe.....looked under the van and there it hung...dragging under my truck. Had the hubby creep under the truck and sure enough it is tore right out of the grey water tank. I suppose tomorrow I will call wagntails and see how the hook up the pipe. Then I am sure I will be off the the RV store. Has anyone had this happen before?
    It could have been worse........if it was the other side it would have been the septic pipe...........Yuck!


    PS. I am so looking forward to SPRING!

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    Oh My! Hope you're able to get it fixed without too much trouble.


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      That is a STINKER!!!!!!!!! No one could see a rock under all that snow. Guess it could have been worse.


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        See if there is enough pipe remaining underneath the truck (about 2 inches will do) and get a repair sleeve at Home Depot or Lowes. It has two clamps and a round rubber sleeve that goes over the ends of the broken pipe. Push the sleeve over one end, put the other end of the broken pipe in the sleeve, and tighten up the clamps.

        If you can square off the break and have enough to put a PVC union fitting on, you can make a more permanent repair.

        Since some of the roads I drive down are not the best, I actually shortened the pipe and you cannot see the fitting unless you look underneath the van. It's a bit of a pain to unhook the cover and attach the drain hose but I got better with practice. Since I shortened the pipe I haven't had a recurrence of the drain fitting shearing off from hitting a curb or a ditch.

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          No BUT

          had a manhole cover flip up and beat up the left rear portion of my WNT van. A lot of damage and too close to the gen for comfort...a report just has to be made to the city and they will pay for your expenses. I am thinking the same for you? I just called 911 and made a police report (because the manhole cover was in the other lane and could have caused an accident). Regardless, it SOUNDS like you could do that if you wanted. And, it does not matter that it's the day after or even a few days after - you can still do it. Know from experience - just in case you had not thought about it. Sorry that happened to you and good luck and YES this winter is a booger and won't it be great to see the Spring?