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Trying to convince my fiance that mobile grooming (for me) will be cheaper than rent.

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  • Trying to convince my fiance that mobile grooming (for me) will be cheaper than rent.

    Hi Mobiles - I need help... I'm an 'older' new groomer. Long story short. Last year I started grooming out of my home but will be moving in with my boyfriend and I won't be able to groom out of the house to much longer. I would like to purchase a trailer and groom mobile. He says renting space would be cheaper for me... I say if I rent I will have to work harder, longer hours and groom more dogs to make as much money than if I was mobile. Am I right or wrong? (I'm thinking I would want to do no more than 5 dogs a day if I rented)...Heck I'm whooped after 4... hence being old (young in spirit) I was mobile I could command a higher groom price than in a shop..and do less dogs...???? Right ???? I did the number crunch but I don't know how much to take out for taxes... Can someone give me some ammunition....????? Please and Thanks...

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    I went back and forth iwth my husband on this same issue with his negative attitiude of well if it doesn't work out your stuck with a van no one else will want but I don't want to think of it that way.

    You are right when you rent a retail space they usually make you sign a lease for 3-5 years and if you can't get enough business or get burnt out and just can't make the business work there is also monetary penalties to get out of your lease.

    I am with you, I can't do as many dogs a day properly that it would take to meet the overhead of a retail space. I'm not as energetic as I used to be.


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      Mobile is totally the way to go. I know your BF means well but he doesn't know what he's talking about. (don't tell him I said that.) You can work when you want, groom who you want and go where you want. What's better then that? I got into grooming when I was fifty years old. Best thing I ever did. I would have lasted about five minutes in a shop. Plus you'll be sooo much happier.


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        Maybe this will help....

        I was working in a boarding kennel when my boyfriend and I met. After a hurricane, property owner and I went our seperate ways, but my bf had already purchased a trailer and was beginning to put together a design for me. When I told him I wanted a salon instead of being mobile, he did a numbers crunch too and we decided it would be way cheaper to go mobile and I would probably make lots more money.
        I don't know what rental is in your area, but here it is about $1.00 - $2.00 per square foot...
        We purchased a trailer for about $ can easily spend that in a month or two in rent alone...
        With mobile, the only real overhead I have is gas, supplies and insurance. I usually set aside about 10% a week for taxes. This will be my first year filing as a self employed groomer, so I don't know yet if I took out enough.
        I groom about 4-6 dogs a day but could easily groom more if I wanted. Mobile has gone over so well here in my area and I am acquiring many clients from the petsomethings in the area that are not happy with their service.
        I think in a salon I would have to groom well over 10 dogs a day to make ends meet, not even getting close to coming out ahead.
        I hope this helps you some....PS..I don't know how much older, but I just turned 38 and have only been grooming for a couple of years...Most groomers I know started very young and have done it all their lives...I was corporate prior to working in the boarding kennel, and just had to get out of the rat race.
        Good Luck


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          Stuck with a van that nobody else will want? Tell him to look at the used mobiles for sale on this site & others.
          "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
          People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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            Of course you could...

            Get a new boyfriend. That's cheaoer than rent and problem solved!


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              Go to Wag'n Tail's website and sign up for their mobile grooming seminar, all your questions will be answered. It takes place in Granger IN, which is fairly close to you. You will see that mobile grooming is all that it is cracked up to be !!

              Happy Dumping the BF

              Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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                Originally posted by Stylin Stella View Post
                Get a new boyfriend. That's cheaper than rent and problem solved!

                I can't imagine what he'll be like as a


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                  Originally posted by Stylin Stella View Post
                  Get a new boyfriend. That's cheaper than rent and problem solved!
                  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I agree. "Since he's gettin the milk for free," (you know, without buying the "cow." LOL!) he should have no say over how you make your money. Go Mobile. You will not regret it. I started grooming when I was 40 and will be 43 next month, but have over 20 years working with animals. You may not start off doing grooms very fast, but you will improve. Just be sure and order Ellen's book. I've read some of it, and that girl really knows what she's talking about. You'll need to set aside some funds for repairs and stuff, but you will spend waaaaay less than rent every month on a shop. Plus, if you're doing only 5 grooms a day in a shop, you wouldn't even come close to making enough for your rent in one month by yourself. Would you feel comfortable hiring other groomers if you opened a shop? Would you feel confident being a boss to people who will have more experience than you? Let us know what happens next.


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                    [KANK!!!] STRAIGHT to the CURB!
                    "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
                    People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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                      Do your research. Can't live without them but they are a pain sometimes.


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                        The problem

                        will be either way it takes a bit to build up a good customer base. He'll think it's a mistake during that time if you go mobile. I have my own home and have my own finances. I realize that my BF would never have "approved" my housecall business if we combined. He wouldn't even be happy with my schedule now, as I take it easy and he'd think I should do more dogs. I'm older and I like easy.

                        Just keep thinking of rent paid forever. True if you get a busy shop and especially if you are a good manager of other groomers you can make lots of money, but sadly 5 a day in a salon doesn't usually cut it. Long ago 5 a day brought in good money. 5 a day mobile, charged properly is a nice living.

                        I am concerned about the lack of respect for your wishes though.
                        Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                          Send me your email and I will send you a spreadsheet if you'd like that can help you show him some numbers.
                          Mobile for me was the only way to go. Now mobile CAN be very expensive, if you buy a brand new $80+K grooming van, your van payment may very well be more than rent on a space. But the van payment is finite, rent isn't, and you don't have to spend that kind of money to get into mobile.
                          I opened my mobile business with just under $6K total. That included the van I bought. I was on the road and able to meet all expenses as soon as I opened. I have very low overhead so 1.5 dogs at the time was enough (per week) to cover all my expenses. I couldn't imagine being able to say that with most commercial spaces. I do this part time, 10-14 dogs a week usually because I do nights and Sundays. There are weeks I've made quite a bit more than my husband makes per week when he's busting his butt at a 40 hour per week job. Depends on what I have scheduled of course, and that would be after expenses. I always gross more per week than he makes, but then I have to deduct expenses. Now I have an employee as well. I've added to my expenses now, I placed a yellow book ad and of course having an employee is an expense.
                          Those that are not in the field just don't get it. My husband tries to give me advice all the time thinking it makes sense to him, but he's just not a groomer. My first comp he was trying to whisper to me to put bows in my poodles ears to "set myself apart". Told him to shut his yap cuz he was going to get me disqualified for one, and bows weren't allowed! But he meant well!
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                            I am just starting out. I wanted the Grooming Salon & Boutique. I could dream big!! But when I started my business plan, and saw how much it was going to cost... I chose Mobile!!
                            My husband feels better about this decision, too! If you have to set the BF down with the numbers for shop vs mobile. He'll get it!


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                              BF not supportive - Thanks for all the Support and Help

                              Thanks ALL of you... and believe me....the thought of kicking the BF out the door does occur to me once in awhile (:

                              I have been reminded thanks to all of you - that it's my choice - my dream and I know I can go mobile and succeed !! (Sounds like a book...tee hee - which I have purchased by the way) It means alot that there are so many supportive positive people on this board that Have Been There - Done That.

                              Your support has made me more motivated and I will be going mobile...I'll let you know when it all happens!

                              Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!