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MasterBlaster and other dryers- pros and cons

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  • MasterBlaster and other dryers- pros and cons

    O.k, so I am trying to decide on which HV dryer is the best to use in a mobile van...I am used to using the Metro Master Blaster, which has almost 60,000 feet per minute of air. I know how long it takes me to dry a dog with this dryer, so I love the efficiency. However, it is 19 amps (ouch!!) and SUPER noisy...I am used to this dryer in an open room, I can't imagine the racket it would cause with all that sound bouncing off the metal walls of my step van.

    To get down to my the electrical draw and nosie more than comensated for by the speed/efficiency of this dryer? I don't have any experience with other dryers, but in the PetEdge catalog the B-Air Grizzly 2 dryer is advertised as "very quiet", and offers 40,000 feet per minute of air, while only drawing 13.2 amps. Has anyone used one of those? I know the K9-2 dryer has similar specs to the masterblaster, is it equally as loud as the masterblaster? Is noiselevel a deciding factor to any of you, or do you have some creative way of reducing the racket? I like the idea of the grizzly dryer being quieter and less amps, but I'm very afraid of sacrificing air speed and causing my grooms to take more time...I will be doing big hairies so that is a concern.

    Any advice on dryers would be appreciated!! On a side note, does anyone know of a place I could find the decibel levels of all these dryers, other than asking each manufacturer? I'm curious how they compare as far as noise goes...

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    I have 2 wagntails vans, they are equipped with the K9 II dryers, I love them. I keep the brushes changed every year and have never had any additional problems with them. I also have a generator but if I need to get work done on it I plug in to peoples homes and can only use one speed on the dryer. If you plug into clients homes for every groom, I don't know how you do it. We can only use one dryer at a time or it pops the clients breaker. And the drying time extends at least an extra 15 minutes. Good luck


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      Noise is not a factor to me. K9III dryer pulls the same amps but has way more power than anything I have ever used. Anything by Metro will do a halfway job.
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        Although I have the Hanvey Gold and Booster in my van and love them- they pull lots of amps. In my salon the Electrician had a lot of plugs running to one breaker so this was an issue- this is how I discovered Laube's dryer. It is 10amps (pulls 11 when first turned on), is variable speed and extremely powerful, also extremely affordable :-)


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          I have both

          I have the Grizzly and the Metro -- both are extremely noisy in my trailer (no separate area). My ears are killing me after 4 grooms. I pop breakers all the time when I forget the water heater is on, the heater in the trailer, or I use the microwave to heat up my coffee ... you name it. The Grizzly doesn't but the metro does even on the low speed. The Grizzly also doesn't dry as fast as the Metro.

          I saw the Romani at the show and boy are their dryers quiet. Not sure the power draw but I want one!!!


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            CC's Kool Dry. Love it. Pulls 10amps. Has a dial rather then a switch so you can adjust to dog's needs or your needs. It does blow room heat but not alot of motor heat like the DoubleK I had did. Along with nice fast drying shampoos etc I can finish most dogs in 1 - 1.5hr. It has the cone, square nozzles. Nice square shape & light weight. Another perk is the colors they come in now

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