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Getting My New Generator Today!

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  • Getting My New Generator Today!

    Wellll, actually they are picking up the rig today and bringing it back tomorrow with the new one. I have cleared a spot in the garage for the old one to keep for parts. Now I will have to work another 10 or more years to get my moneys' worth out of it. LOL The old one hung in there an didn't die yesterday. I have no idea how many hours in really has left, but I don't want to push it. It is dirty and leaking oil. I think Onans are work horses. My mechanic said they are not supposed to run all day. I disagree, because it is a commercial grade. I only run it two four hours a day. More in the summer. For a gen that isn't supposed to run hr after hr. it has run for more years than I owned the rig. Going on 13yrs I think. Yes, it has had major parts replaced like the short block and the stator, but hey, it has made a good living for me to the end; and it Ain't dead yet.

    How long have your Onan Gens lasted? I wouldn't own any other brand.

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    I think they were made to run, too. I run mine all day long, usually at least 8 hours a day M-F. It's harder on an engine to have to re-start it over and over again. My Onan just passed the 5000 hour mark. No major issues with it, except for some oil leaks that had to be repaired last January.


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      3500 hours on mine, it starts first time every time. No bad for a generator that was put in a storage shed without proper winterization, where it stayed for nearly two years. No faulting the previous owner, the generator was just one of many salvaged parts from a WNT wreck.

      Following the maintenance schedule, changing oil and filters as needed, and a set of new spark plugs is all I have done to the generator. It does enjoy its own dedicated fuel tank, as the generator is gasoline powered and the van is diesel powered. No matter, it works.
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