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Downsizing, but what about my RIG?

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  • Downsizing, but what about my RIG?

    Well our crazy economy has finally caught up with me on a number of issues. So let's just say I have to downsize from a 4 bedroom with garage and out buidleing, etc. to an apartment or something on the very small side that I can afford on DH's retirement and my pt mobile...well that's a challenge. Nothing avalible in small houses in this area...

    I'm sure I'm not the only mobile groomer looking at this situation where an apratment complex is my best bet, so now the question becomes WHERE do you put the rig? And on that same thought...what if your rig has to plug in to chage batteries?! I thought about storage yard, but in my area, nothing has plug in avalibility.

    My solution was to hunt for a complex that could accomadate my rig, and surprisingly, my first chioce (same complex that my oldest son is in) came through with flying colors! I couldn't believe it! They offered to dedicate a parking space for my rig, (this complex has plenty of parking but you just park where you can) for no extra charge....then I rented a garage (yes they have these) that had a super parking space behind it, I can run a plug out the back side of my garage to my rig! How cool is that? I'm actually going to rent a second garage for storage, the first will be DH's... for his boat, tools and "man cave-aka workshop", if he was so inclined to do any projects. Because my son lives there, I didn't even have to fill out a credit app, just "when can you pay the deposite"? I could move in tomorrow! WOW!

    Then of course there are the pets...we all know many complexes do not allow pets...well my little Iggy-Chi is only 8 pounds, and the 2 problem, the bird and the fish, same, I just have to pay a pet deposite. I'll have a small balcony, that I can net off and they can have "outside time"! (Wildlife netting, BTW, works super to keep kitties in an enclosed area without them trying to climb it, and you can hardly see it!) I'll just get one of those patio door inserts for the slider and litter litter box is on the balcony!

    Maybe in this crazy overcast economy there are a few spots of blue sky and sunshine here and there. I think we found one. This shaves almost $2K off expenses from what we pay on the house each month. That is going to help big time! So just a thought, if you are struggling with the same issues, you might look at apartment complexes, some can be very willing to work with you, this one did for us.

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    Maybe you could also pick up more clients right there in the complex while you're parked and plugged in? No fuel usage-more moola in your pocket!


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      Originally posted by minpin63 View Post
      Maybe you could also pick up more clients right there in the complex while you're parked and plugged in? No fuel usage-more moola in your pocket!
      Now wouldn't that be the icing on the cake?!! If you could pick up enough apt. clients to cover your rent! Azoci you may be happier than ever before!
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        Oh Pam!!!!
        Sorry to hear the economy has taken it's toll but glad to hear you've solved your problems rather quickly.
        Working from home for me has cut my expenses by over $2,000. a month!
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          Happy stuff!

          Wow, if you know you have to downsize, then sounds like things are going GREAT and will work out fabulously! So glad for you.


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            We have property in Fl-I have so thought about approaching upper end mobiles and asking if they wanted a trade


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              Good to know Pam, thanks! We are moving to the Orlando area and we need to rent to start off. I have been dreading looking because I have the van and plugging in and getting water.
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                When I had my mobile I lived in an apt. We parked around the corner with good exposure on a busy road. I had no need to plug in, and no access to water at my apt. I became very crafty about getting water Usually my clients would let me fill up, or I'd use the 'rinse' at the car wash when I was cleaning the truck. So even if you don't find an accomidating complex you can wing it!


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                  Originally posted by MydogMissy View Post
                  Now wouldn't that be the icing on the cake?!! If you could pick up enough apt. clients to cover your rent! Azoci you may be happier than ever before!
                  I offer the complex residents salon prices & mobile convenience if they bring the dog or cat to me at my rig since I am parking at the complex.
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                    I understand

                    as I am a single-income person who is divorced and have don't have the luxuary of another income and I'm also a renter. When the "suddenly single" phase hit, I was not only faced with where to live (had the perfect set up before) but moved my biz 3 states away...long story, but had to re-vamp everything. So, like you, I have looked into apts and all kinds of housing and am now looking to move again as my lease is up - and the first things I ask which you think are "deal breakers" such as pets and the van...well, I have found that most people are really good about it and quite realistic and try to even help you out! I think for the most part that people want to see us small business owners thrive and they do try to help if they can. I'm so glad for you that you found just the right spot. I bet you'll get into your groove really quickly and who knows, maybe you will enjoy your new way of living. I have deemed this my "living lightly" year - as I have come to the conclusion it's not what you have but how you live and clutter free of "things" is not all that bad lol - had many layers peeled away to come to this conclusion but life is such a nice classroom. I wish you luck, Pam, and happy apartment dwelling! - you will just have to keep your stereo down a tad - don't rock out too loud - lol!


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                      Yep, as it turns out...

                      I have 4 dogs from the office staff that I'll be doing, and yes, I'm offereing a much reduced price since I don't have to move the rig, except maybe to dump the grey water. LOL. I also will hopefully pick up a bunch of the others...I'll do a bit of advertising "in complex...."

                      I'm thinking this will work out so much better for us. My son that was the extended family (and 2 grand daughters) picked up a very nice travel trailer, bedroom in the back and everything for the girls. So this is a help for them too, I think, it makes him take more of an active responsibility for parenting...not that he didn't , but it just make him more independant. And that is a good thing. He's still looking for a job, but now can go anywhere and still have their home.

                      Actually I am looking forward to having less stress in my life, this should be a good start.


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                        It's what you make of it and you did!

                        Pam, it sounds like not only did you reduce your expenses but increased your business at the same time! Great job!


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                          You know, it's

                          nice to be able to share this, I've spent a lot of sleepless nights over this decision, but now that's it's made, I'm pushing forward with no looking back. I'm feeling much lighter in mindset, like a burden has been lifted.

                          My son is actually more motivated, too and that is a good thing. I just think he needed that bit of independance, the extened family thing was good as he got custody of both his girls, but now he needs to take the next step forward and that is out from under Mom & Dad's umbrella, so to speak.


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                            Wow Pam, I had no idea things were that rough. Glad its all settling down. I'm picking up alot of new clients down south of you. The down fall is Ken lost his job so its all its on my shoulders, scary times.

                            Ken just got back from signing up for school. Took the test & he just needs to take an english class on top of the Automotive classes, luckily no math classes. He decided to go to Green River CC rather then the one in Lakewood as its closer, he's driving the big truck so it will save a little gas going there.

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                              Wow sorry about the loss of your home.

                              Where are you going to fill up your water tank?

                              Lucky, I have been in the same apartment for twelve years and couldn't talk them in to letting me rent an electric plug or filling up the tank at the clubhouse/office.

                              Good luck with your move and your new home and I'm glad it worked out so well for you in that respect.