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Two fearbiters in one week

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  • Two fearbiters in one week

    Both these dogs are country trailer dogs, unsocialized, and un groomed; The shih tzu is a year or more, but not matted, the puppy was a poo mix, 6 months, not matted.
    Different owners. Both bit the snot out of their owners as they tried to pass them to me (backwards).
    I ended up have the poos' owner muzzle him(proguard softie muzzle) and put him on my grooming table with lead around neck, then turn and leave immediately; dog froze, and stood like a statue for clipping, bathing, a little nervous during HV, but no nozzle, so he tolerated it; did feet and nails, took muzzle off, finished face, and took back to owner.
    Shih never had to be muzzled; clipped,bathed/blowdried with happy hoody, but couldn't dry face; scissored it damp, and took back to owner.
    Neither tried to bite me for anything.
    Am I a magician, or as I suspect, very lucky, or most likely, both dogs are basically sweet, just totally unsocialized to strangers.

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    Maybe you are a magician? I mean you...of all people, could conceivably pull a rabbit out of a hat, right?

    It's more than luck. You project a sense of confidence and security onto dogs like that, and obviously put them at ease, quickly gained their trust, and as a seasoned and experienced groomer....knew exactly how far to push them and when to "let it go", ie. the damp face.
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      I try to stay calm and unruffled; I listen to audio books as I groom, which helps to distract the dog as well; they seem to be listening; the readers usually have amazing voices.
      The one lady, the dog bit her and her husband; she came out when I was done; her son took the dog, who was perfectly happy. I asked if she had scrubbed the bites well. Yes, she said,and I put neosporin on them, I have to run to the store and get some band aids.
      Allow me, I said, and took her into the van and gave her a handful; I use the ones with an antibacterial built in.
      She thought it was great; they tipped me five cookies.


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        I've said it time and time again....dogs can smell fear! If you had not been confident and asserted yourself as the leader these dogs would have probably eaten your lunch! Sounds like you do indeed have a magical way with dogs! Good for you!


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          Audio books are a GREAT idea Edderland. They always have good (mellow, soothing, etc.) voices reading prolly wouldn't find the likes of Edith Bunker screeching her way thru Nights in Rodanthe.

          I think I learned my lesson early on, thinking the dogs might like Animal Planet on in the background when I groomed.
          Never failed....Animal Cops would come on w/ some poor creature being catch-poled and kayaking at the top of it's lungs.....not very relaxing for the pets or for me.
          If we have anything on in the background's The Weather Channel.
          Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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            That is a great tip about the audio books E. I have a stereo in my salon, I am going to try it. I totally agree that the calm,assertive attitude we have helps these little fellas get through as well. I am ashamed to admit it but I am scared of GSD that I don't knowand chow too. At our big shop Lois would just do all the handling of these guys,as they could tell I was nervous,and that she wasn't. I saw a GSD kill my uncles cat as a child,and it left some fear imprint on me. I just groom small dogs that I know now that lois is gone,and am semi-retired.
            "Everyone needs something to beleive in..I beleive I need another Poodle"