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Help...SNOW and can't get out to groom

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  • Help...SNOW and can't get out to groom

    Hi Everyone,

    I have to ask because I am sure in a tough spot!!!!!! Of course you other mobile groomers in Maryland know what I'm talking about....SNOW, SNOW and more SNOW and the roads where I live are absolutely terrible!!!! No place to park, I can't drive to far down my road because there only enough space for one vehicle or 2 cars BUT not my truck and trailer......

    Anybody else in this situation? I can't stand it!

    I don't know when I can book clients, I had to cancel all my grooms until further notice.

    My road is really bad, I live in a cul de sac and they plowed but its really a rocky ride, I can handle that with just my truck but with the trailer; not happening....

    The trailer is much wider with the back wheels sticking out and there's no way anyone can get pasted me if i'm driving, I have to drive down several of the side roads to get to the main roads.......Main roads are in great shape.

    I did let them know that if they would like to drive to my house I would be happy to groom their pets but it's gonna takes weeks (or months) for this stuff to go away.

    Then when I call them, they say oh ok well, "I'll wait" or "I was afraid of that, you wouldn't be able to park anywhere on my road anyway." Why don't they tell you this in the first place. What if I would of taking my time to try to get there and no place to go??????

    Can I have some input on what anyone or everyone thinks of this situation.....I'm not making money here!!!!! It's killing me....

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    Sorry to hear of your frustration. We are snowy too, but not as bad. Years ago when starting my business I got the best advice, don't buy a trailer because of these problems. They are very hard to get around in the bad weather. My van gets everywhere but we don't have 60 inches of snow. Good Luck. Remember, it to will melt.


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      Build an igloo w/ all the snow. If you are like are gonna need a place to live when this is all said and done.

      I feel your pain.
      Even tho I am clients can't get out to get to me, and even if they could....there is absolutely NO WHERE for them to park. Plows have converted my 4 car parking slip into a 8 foot mountain of ice that I fear I will still be looking at in July.

      I thought about retrieving clients dogs via dogsled but am not anxious to test the limits of my Liability Insurance.
      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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        I hear you. I'm grooming at my house and it's still tough because my driveway , although plowed, is much smaller than usual and lots of people are still snowed in. I only had one dog yesterday and Thursday. At this rate I won't see my employees for weeks! If I were you, I'd just sit tight. I don't think your trailer is going anywhere for a while, and it's not worth the risk. Dog hair will keep.


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          I'm in the same boat as you. My clients are telling me there is no where for me to park my truck. I drive the big Elite. Several of the developments that I go to haven't even been plowed and the streets are nothing but rutted ice. Not good!

          Can't go into the shopping centers because there is so much snow piled up the parking is reduced. People are having trouble trying to find parking just to shop.

          Wish I had an answer for all of us mobilers.

          Last nite I was talking to a client who's husband is also my City councilman and he had an alert from our police. The Walmart here in Bowie was being evacuated due to the roof coming down. Two Safeway stores had the roofs come in.

          Man oh man are my grooming dogs going to be a mess. Most all my trims are in hair. Am sure there are going to be quite a few that are going to have to be clipped down. Another not so good thing.


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            Thanks for replies

            Thanks everyone,

            I haven't seen anyone venting about how they were getting out to groom, at least I'm not alone...LOL....Sorry. I just can't stand it....Can't go out and shop not making any money.

            don't know what to do with myself except for paper work got lots of that sitting here waiting to be put in my computer....Yup, don't feel like doing that either...LOL...

            4Sibes We have so many igloos all around the house all I have to do is dig a big hole in the middle ZAHBAM!!!! Igloo made!

            You're funny!!! Hey this would be a great time for us all to meet. Whatcha thing?


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              have to say how shocked I am that Md and DC were so ill preparred for snow. We had a blizzard Dec 21 that dumped 30 inches, I was back on the snowfree roads the next day. We just got 14 inches on Wed and I was out grooming Thursday, so snow on roads, black top like it was June.......wth Md and DC


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                Originally posted by baddog View Post
                have to say how shocked I am that Md and DC were so ill preparred for snow.
                Why in the world would that shock you? We live in an area where politicians outnumber snowplows 500 to 1.
                We should have just mandated they all step out their doors and breathe on the pavement 5 times. Surely, all that hot air would have melted our snow in an hour.

                You get 30", might make the local news?
                We get 3"'s on World News Tonight.
                Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                  You all have my sympathy. I wish I had words of wisdom for you, but I don't. Possibly talk to one of the billion politicians in town and see about some economic recovery funds thrown your way.
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                    Don't hate me but.....

                    The weather here is awesome and Spring-like. I actually had my Air Conditioner on for the 4 Schnauzers I did today. I have been thinking about you all back there and wishing things were better for you. I truly am sorry you are going thru the snow bound life right now. Honest I do mean that. I am so sorry. But we suffer terribly in the summer here.


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                      Is there a way you could do pick up and delivery for a while, until you can get your trailer out on the road again? I've had my van get iced in inside my driveway before where I had to be pulled out with a tow chain, but this winter has been REALLY mild (knock on wood) here. Usually we get dumped on. Last year was my first year mobile and one of the hardest winters in a long time. I remember how frustrating the weather was. They were calling in dump trucks to haul snow away because there was just no more room for it anymore.
                      Wish I had more help, unless you want to try housecall for a bit. Save some driving.
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                        sorry no sympathy here, I live in one of those we have 5 feet of snow until May every year states. Try getting out of bed at 6 am to shovel every 1-2 feet of snow every month in the winter so grooming clients can get to your salon It may seems like it will never melt but don't worry it will, and then you'll be posting about how the roads are flooded from the snow melting so quick and you can't groom then either...yuck. Anyone else want to move to a state that never sees snow?


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                          Yuck... I really feel for you people. Although here in WI we do tend to get puked on (usually in December right before Christmas when I'm terribly booked) it's not really to often we see THAT much snow. We just get 10 inches that doesn't go away for months.

                          No words of encouragement for you except um.... stay warm?

                          I've often said I wanted to move somewhere where it doesn't snow, but it seems like the only place left these days might be hawaii. Not that I would argue moving there, but the chances of that are pretty unlikely so I guess I'll just stay here and complain every winter.


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                            It's an extremely rare event for the MD/DC area to get back to back blizzards. The last time we had a really big bad winter was in 1996.

                            My thoughts are that the snow plow guys do not have the experience with this much snow. It's apparent when you see how the not so plowed roads are.

                            Our states are not equipped with all the heavy duty snow removal equipment like some others who are used to large amounts of snow.

                            Another problem in this area we have people here from all over that do not have the ability to drive in this stuff.

                            Another storm coming in here Monday/Tuesday but they say it will only be about 5". So they say.

                            Sibes that was an excellent idea about all the "hot air" here.


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                              Hang in there, maybe plan for a few really long days when it all clears. Schedule accordingly - you have everyone's numbers, schedule so everything each day is all close together once things clear up. Make the most of a bad situation. I do think the key here is you know everyone who you've had to cancel, you know where they live, plot it out and make it work to your advantage. Get some mega good days. Gear up for them being long ones, make sure clients are aware, timing will be key!