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2 Goldendoodle Pups 10weeks Old

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  • 2 Goldendoodle Pups 10weeks Old

    I hope I am not taking on more than I can handle. They are only twenty pounds now. The owner said she called several people and either no one calls back or they don't deem to interact with her or care. She seemed impressed with me and how I spoke to her. She will book six months in advance as she lives here six months of the year. This is just for a B&B this time. English Goldendoodles, with emphasis on English. I know they will outgrow my weight limit. I have a new client next Saturday in her area which is also one mile past my regular boundaries. So, I figure with all three it might make for a profitable Saturday from now on. Can they be as easy as some Airdales? I always liked grooming those. I committed to the six months and they will eventually need trims. She is fully aware they need a lot of care and training as they live in an RV with them, and they must be good dogs, she says. I only have them for an hour, they have them allll the time. Please Goldendoodle groomers please advice in PMs the price for Mobile full grooms. I have no idea. I only groom up to 35lbs. Any pics too would be great. I am getting soo busy, I can't keep all these new people straight. It's going to be a HOT busy summer.

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    Try this thread

    There is a pic of Cooper, the one goldendoodle I groom as well as another pic from someone else. He's only 60 pounds, not as big as the others I have done. He's a doll. He's also the one that sleeps through the grooms.
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      10 weeks....probably haven't had the parvo booster, I wouldn't groom them....yet


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        We groom many doodles. They will require COMBING at least every few days by the owner. They are a groomers nightmare. They may not get TO large. 60 pounds???? You should plan to groom them every 4-6 weeks depending on how long they want to keep their coats. And, you will not know what the coat will be like for many months. It could be Goldenish and easy to maintain or could become curly like a poodle and/or somewhere in between. If they are not brush/combed by the client between appointments they are potentially risking a complete clip down with a 7F or shorter. When a Doodle is clipped down they look absolutely horrible. We keep their head rounded with the nose slightly shorter, the beard will get stinky if not kept a little shorter. We don't shave faces on these guys. Most of our doodles are goofy. Rather excitable. They will jump around and some aren't real smart. Depends. They will shed, which is not what the new owners were probably told. Many doodle breeders tell their clients doodles don't require much grooming, that is totally incorrect. They require much grooming to keep them longer and fluffier. Watch for the coat change at 6-9 months. You must stay on top of that or you will need to clip the coat off. At this stage expect a longer grooming time by at least 1 hour. Over all while they are so tiny you will not take much time but get them used to the clippers, scissors, etc. You can expect at least 1.5 hours per dog when groomed as adults in most cases. They are a life long groom and their first experiences are very important for their future groomings.
        Lots of treats and positive reinforcements. I must say that these are my opinions from working with many a doodle. Good luck.


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          Thank you for all your information. I know from reading here that they are a challange. I will probably groom them for the six months they are here but will turn them over to some other groomer when they are planning to leave. It depends on time and difficulty. I never accept dogs over 40lbs and I surey won't take on big wiggly goofy ones. BTDT. At this age the owner says they do not shed when she combs them. She seems to know they need regular care as she has a mobile groomer in Wash but she has only groomed their former dogs. The former were a bull dog and some other entirely different breed. As we know bull dogs have no matting and don't get trimmed. I hate to back out of a promise, but I might have to sooner rather than later.


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            I have 4 doodle clients. 2 are Goldendoodles are in one house. Owners are pretty good about keeping them up. Lately they have pushed their appt from 7wks to 11wks. Both these dogs at 11 -12mos did the coat change & became pretty matted. Owners did work through most of it & I just had to cut a little out, so they looked funny for a short time.

            I do a HuskyDoodle. He's got a good coat, nice & straight. He just gets the mats behind ears & in the toes. He does shed & cries for the bath like a husky.

            The last one is a new one. He's a Mini of some sort. Parti colored & has wiry coat with thin undercoat. I first saw him at 4mo, he already had little mats in his topknot & his toes. I warned the owner that he was going to be a handful coat wise. I did him again in 2 months, owner wanted him de-matted. It was right before Christmas & I couldn't finish because I wasn't getting anywhere with his coat, he has light skin so I didn't want to brush burn & I didn't schedule for a matted mess. I had to give him back & tell the owner she had to work on it or have him shaved. Its now Feb & she had me shave him on Friday, she couldn't get anywhere with him either. We'll see how he turns out after he gets over this puppy coat.

            I will say all of them have wonderful temperments. The 3 big ones are stubborn, I have to turn the dogs around on my table & they don't care to help. That is what kills my back. Other wise I do love them. I will be charging more for the big guys. I know I'm not charging enough. I did raise the huskydoodle $5 this yr. Since they are such nice people i didn't go up much.

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