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  • What size tub?

    Hi again- This may seem like a silly question, but in building out my van I'm trying to decide what size tub to put in if I want to be able to groom even the biggest hairies...will a 48'' tub fit a St. Bernard, or do I need one of the 58-60'' tubs? At my work now we wash all the big dogs on the floor in a waterproof room with drains in the floor...they don't go up in the tubs so I haven't had to try to fit a Great Pyranese or a Dane up in our 48'' tubs.

    Also any suggestions on home-made or lower cost tub ideas would be great...the tub that is in there now is only 41'' and is actually a big utility sink. The counter (which I need to be able to fit the tub into after I tale that sink out) is 60'' long, by 25'' wide. Since there is the framework for the cabinetry/counter, and some wiring for outlets on the outside of the counter, I can really only cut open a space of 55'' (57'' or maybe 58'' at the very most") by 24''. I was going to buy a fiberglass people bathtub and put a frame under it, but they are all 60'' long, and 30'' wide so I would lose the weightbearing end of the cabinet and lose the wiring and outlets on the end of the cabinet. I really want to be able to take the big dogs, since there are 4 other mobile groomers in my city, and 3 of them turn away the big dogs, so it might be my best revenue source to start with. Any suggestions on something waterproof that I could build into the space I'll have available? RV bathtubs are too small (all under 48'' long, that I can find), the steel grooming tubs are so expensive (I can afford the $364 cheapest one from petedge, but the shipping will be $109 plus a $75 lift gate fee, making the total cost $550, and I really only have a max of $350-$375 tops to spend on the tub. I checked into rhino lining a plywood tub, and it will be $400 just for the lining...I just don't trust anything else to make plywood truly waterproof...everyone here is so creative...any suggestions for me? If I can figure out something to make it 55x24 will that be big enough to take the bissegt dogs? Thanks!! -Amber

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    Azoci made her own tub out of cardboard and then a fiiberglass sealant I believe. I can't really remember all the details but she posted it on here, somewhere. I bet she'd share all her secrets with you.
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      I have a van we converted. If we had placed things differently we probably could have put in a bigger tub but I didn't want to do the big guys. I'm 33 this yr & my back just can't take the big guys, even the 60lb ones are killing my back. Anyway I went with a 40" x 24" rv tub. Works great. The big leggy 60lb doodles fit snuggly. I get them done without too much issue. I can do short haired 70lb dogs. Had a lady call me, I told her her 70lb husky probably wouldn't fit but after talking while I was hunting for the mobile groomers list which I couldn't find she decided she liked me & wanted me to try. I went there looked at the dog & said he won't fit but feel free to look at my set up. She agreed he wouldn't fit. So I did a quick sanatary on his rear & did nails, I gave her the number to a bigger set up for mobile.

      My first rig was a truck camper & we found a free plastic bathtub that came out of a mobile home when someone was remodeling. It was a full size 58" I believe. The only down fall it was rounded on the side I was standing so it made doing the tiny ones hard on my back since they could move to the far side of the tub. Other wise I loved the size for just about any size dog. The biggest I did was a 130lb Chessy that was mostly leggy with just a little over weight.

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