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You like me, you really like me!!!!!!!!!!

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  • You like me, you really like me!!!!!!!!!!

    About three weeks ago, I was contacted by a guy whom said they have picked three mobile groomers to come out and groom their two dogs (a cavie and a fox terrier ), they had already tried one, and wanted to see how my services would” stack up” to the other two groomers.I told them I could not come out today(yes they wanted that same day LOL) but would be willing to come back after groomer#2 did the dogs (I thought this was kind of strange ). Anyway guess they tried a groomer every three weeks and I was the last one.

    I got there and the wife was very nice, and told me that the last groomer did not get them very clean. I have a nice shampoo from SS that does a great job and I was not afraid to use it (LOL). They where good dogs I was happy to groom them, the owners had no problem with my price so I thought this was too good to be true and they would not choose me to be their groomer. But (now three weeks have gone by) they called ME and said could I come tomorrow (LOL)I am going to have to train these people.

    So that is the end of my brag, I am not sure if anyone else has had this happen to them (this still seems strange to me, but I am very suspicious anyway). The only thing I did to the cavie was get her clean and I outlined some of her spots with thinning shears (I learned this trick from particentrel, THANKS PARTI) .

    I think they were impressed because I got they dogs clean, sometimes it is the simple things that make the difference.

    I want more clients like them.

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    I stopped taking tests when I graduated

    from High School. LOL I don't like potential clients putting me to the test with that kind of attitude. Test me, but don't be so obvious about it. I still think no matter how good you are sometimes it is really all about the lowest price. I like my recirc system because I KNOW I give back a clean dog. I also have a few favorite shampoos for the really sooty dogs and they come out blindingly white. A nice soft cologne helps too if they accept cologne. I always ask first. Ha ha If I wanted to compete with other groomers, I'd have signed up for Groomer Has It. I also don't play Let's Make A Deal.


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      Good for you

      That must feel nice. Oh and are you going to Pasadena this week-end? I am, of course.

      Yep you'll end up with a good reputation and close your list for clients not so far off ;o)
      Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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        Congratulations on winning this "contest." You will probably get more clients, I bet they have friends with dogs!

        Keep up the good work!


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          Well, how could they not like you? We love ya! And you got their dogs clean and beautiful for them. You'll have them trained in no time. When I left my last job, I took most of my full coated clients with me. A few weeks later, a dog named Cinnamon's mom called, begging to find out where I was because they had screwed up her dog so badly at the old shop. I was puzzled how they could possibly mess it up, but he came back to me and was a loyal customer until he passed. The breed? A smooth dachshund!


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            Thanks Guys

            I have to admit I was "put off" at first by the TEST, but I think they were just being thorough (sp) .I told my DH what is this WWF smackdown of mobile groomers(LOL).I know times are ruff
            but gee !(LOL).
            ARROOH I am not sure if I can make it to Pasadena which bugs me ,I wanted to go but ,I have some family issues right now (this a whole other post).


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              I do not think they like me anymore

              or the Cavie do not anyway, a little update.

              Every time I went to this house the wife would say things like OH NO !!!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO GET A BATH!!!!! which would upset the Cavie, she is already a shy dog and the owner was adding to her insecurities.I would just tell the owner well, this is not what she had planned for the day, she wanted to sit on the couch. The jack Russel was a little nervous but when I put the leash on him he would wag his tail and pull me to the van.

              fast forward to four weeks ago (she had never complained about anything before )I go up to the house the cavie will NOOT come to me the owner kept saying things like, Oh she does not like you ,she is afraid of you.I told her she is very timid and she picks up on your feelings if you think everything is fine she will too.

              She the picks apart my grooming,I cut the tail to short, the dog was itchy last time (she gave me her shampoo).She started asking do I have warm water ECT... I told her yes!! This is strange because I go from being a great groomer to being a cavie beating monster who washes dogs in freezing water.

              She alway would book every three weeks I guess she does not trust me or somethig...I can not groom a dog when the owner does not trust me .What should I do should I call them, or just drop it .I hate the feeling that they think I beat there dog...


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                Sounds like a problem client

                (I suspicion chemicals added). I'd be saying, I'm sorry you have changed your mind about my good grooming. I will not be grooming them anymore unless you understand how great I am with them.
                Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                  yeah... I wouldn't keep them

                  I can't stand it when the owners make you feel 2 inches tall... You told her once that the dog picks up on her feelings, and I have it in my policies that everyone has to sign that I have the right to refuse service to anyone who makes the groomer feel uncomfortable. I would just state that you aren't comfortable at that location, and that you don't think you are the right groomer for them. If they ask you why, be honest... say they made you feel like no matter what you do, you weren't good enough. then say thank you and goodbye. Let hem deal with having to hire one of the other groomers who didn't pass the original test.


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                    Ah, dang..... people can be so strange...... dogs are no problem, it's the owners that come attached to them!!!

                    In this case I would just give it your best smile and say, "I am so sorry you are no longer happy with my service. Thank you for your past business, I have enjoyed your dogs while in my care." Then just let it go. I KNOW the level of care you offer your clients personally and it will be their loss.... not yours. May 4 other sweet dogs with GREAT owners come along to fill their spaces on your schedule!!!


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                      thanks guys

                      I was feeling pretty low if they call me back I think I will tell them ,I am not the groomer for you.

                      Hi Cathy hows Florida!!!!!