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  • Cancelled another one

    Well, I missed grooming Sully tonight because my son now has croup. Again, last minute call to the owner because I didn't know that's what was wrong with him. I've never had a child with the croup and didn't recognize the telltale cough until hubby got home. Funny thing is he was at the doctors today and they didn't catch it either, but the cough got much worse as the night wore on and his fever spiked pretty high. He had fallen asleep and woke up shortly before i was going to get ready to leave. When he woke up he was burning up, so I called my client and they were fine with me rescheduling to Friday. I had planned a 3 day weekend, but oh well. I adore Sully, so I don't mind. Part of me feels a little guilty because my husband is home and is able to take care of the kids, but he was sitting there looking so uncomfortable saying "mommy, I not well, you stay with me?" The boy who fights medicine tooth and nail asked for it and asked to go back to the doctor. I find it a bit ironic in myself that I will go out and work in a white out blizzard and not even think to cancel, but have no problem with it when my kids are sick, even when there is someone capable of taking care of them. Do other moms out there cancel appointments when their kids are sick? Even if someone else is home with them? I just worry so much, especially when they have a high fever, I don't like leaving them. Thankfully it's happened when I've had very understanding clients. I'm such a worrier when it comes to my kids. When they told me I had to watch his breathing because I may have to take him to the ER it really scared me. I guess I am hoping I'm not the only overly worrisome mom that will cancel to be with their sick kids. They've been sick before with colds and such where I haven't cancelled, but when I know they are in a lot of pain or have high fevers, etc, it's really hard for me to feel like i can go out and work.
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    OMGoodness, honey. I will pray for him. Croup is nothing to goof around with. That having been said mine lived through it, even after their father decided they were well enough and sent them back to school again...three times. It turned into pneumonia.
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      Never feel guilty

      Your children deserve the best, and with you, they get it. They will have good memories of this all their lives .It is so important that they know Mommy is there for them. You can't buy that kind of security. You have understanding clients, so feel good about your decision. Can I come live with you? My finger has a boo boo. How is Evie doing?


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        Being a dad I would defend to the death...litterly when it comes to my kids. Being a mother I would say you would condem your sould to hell to save your kids. So no don't feel guilty. Mothers have a special bond that flows through your blood after carrying them for 9 months.

        If your appointments are scheduled with women/mothers then they are totally sympathetic.

        I'll Pray that you and your family get through this blite and find comfort soon.


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          The only thing in life you will look back on and remember as being important is when you are with your children, especially when they need you. There is no one like Mom when you are little and sick. The years go by so fast, it seems like it was just yesterday when my kids were his age and now they are your age. I was a work-a-holic in a different profession, but, looking back, the working is a big blur. In between all this blur is my memories of being with my kids and spending time with them. That big improtant job was nothing. So follow your instinct and your heart. I know you are a very good mother. The dog owners will understand, and if they don't they aren't people you want to work with. I hope your son gets well soon, that croup is serious stuff.


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            Kids and family come first. They need their mommy when they are sick. One of my daughters got the croup every time the seasons would change. Be a good mommy and don't feel bad for canceling appointments. The dogs can wait and usually the customers understand. They probly have or had kids too.


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              Thank you all very much. Both times I got the fathers/husbands on the phone when I called and both were extremely understanding. Thankfully both clients do have children, though grown, they've been through it. Unfortunately for me, now I'm sick. There should be a cardinal law that moms cannot get sick when their kids do. Thankfully I am feeling better this morning than I was last night. Last night it hurt to open my right eye because of sinus pressure. Any light caused me a lot of pain. My ears hurt, throat hurts, and now I'm coughing. I'm hoping by tonight I feel better. I have a Cavachon to do and then Sully tomorrow. I'm praying my son is better tonight. Evie is still in bed. Poor thing is kept up coughing at night, so I'm letting her sleep in a bit. I know part of the reason I'm getting sick is lack of sleep. I've been up with the kids on and off all night since last Friday. They don't want hubby when they wake in the middle of the night, only mom. I remember feeling the same way when I was little. All I wanted was my mom when I was sick and she always seemed to know just what to do. Steven said he's not feeling well again this morning. When the motrin kicks in he feels a lot beter and wants to bounce off the walls, then he feels even worse when it wears off. It's hard to explain to a 3 year old he has to rest even if he's feeling better. They are my heart and I'd do anything to be sick for them if I could.
              What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.