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  • Apartment complex rip off

    I was contacted a while back by an apartment complex manager wanting me to come groom some dogs for her residents; we set up a day and she said she had six appointments booked for me for that day; starting at 9 am, until finished. Tomorrow is the big day, right?
    Today at noon she called to say that everybody cancelled and so she was cancelling me.
    I was very upset; I told her that the complex owed me a cancellation fee since they had waited til noon the day before to cancel.
    She replied that they were not paying any cancellation fee, that I should have told them before they booked that there was a cancellation fee. I told her that if they didn't pay it, no one from her complex would ever get an appointment from me, ever.
    I am writing up a bill tonight and delivering it tomorrow.
    I have learned my lesson, and will never deal with management again, only individual owners.

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    That is so lousy. They have to get it that you are out a whole day's pay.

    Hope you get your $$.


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      If your not talking to the owner of the dog............Dont count on it.


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        I have been contacted by apts too

        I always decline. I know it never works out. The last time the gal put me on hold before I could say no. Rude. I called back and said no. Besides, who is home during the day in an appt? Aren't they young people working?


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          I'd let it go

          Not worth it. Surely you have a handful of calls that came in this week looking for a groom. If not call someone you saw 6 to 8 weeks ago and tell them you had a cancelation and could put them in that spot. That is energy better spent and more likely to produce.


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            I guess I’m confused….YOU DIDN’T contact these potential clients individually, to get:
            1). Their names, address, apartment #, phone number
            2) Pet’s name, breed, age, weight, medical problems, skin problems, last groomed date
            3). Discuss fees and services

            I think you dropped the ball on this one, chalk this one up for experience, and you shouldn’t have given the threat of NEVER grooming their dogs and expecting a cancellation fee on clients that you never have met or talked with...………talk about bad PR

            Happy Re-building up your business

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              They were all small breeds, and yes, I should have spoken with the dog owners directly; learned my lesson on that one.


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                Originally posted by edderland View Post
                I was contacted a while back by an apartment complex manager wanting me to come groom some dogs for ... I have learned my lesson, and will never deal with management again, only individual owners.
                I had a similar experience, and now have a statement in my terms and conditions that I do not "pool appointments". In my case, a person who lives in a neighborhood with a lot of families where both adults work "volunteered" to be the person who would gather up the neighborhood dogs and have them groomed. At the time I offered a multiple pet discount (no more!) This person took advantage of the multiple pet discount and then charged her neighbors my full rate, pocketing the difference! I only found out about this when one of the pet's owners called me directly asking why SHE didn't get the discounted rate for her two dogs. I'll bet a week's tips the apartment complex was taking your fee and adding on a few bucks for their "profit".

                My new rules: No pooling appointments. No grooming the neighbor's dogs, the pets have to be in the household. No more than three pets per appointment.

                That way I do not lose an entire day's income, and I do not have "silent partners" taking a cut of my fee.

                Good luck on collecting on that bill, though. As far as her threatening you with never getting business from anyone in the complex, who made her the decision maker as to who provides individual services to the residents? She's blowing smoke.
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                  Just let it go. These aren't even long term clients, don't burn your bridges over this.


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                    Ditto Dolly

                    I feel the same way, if you don't tell them upfront, you cant charge a cancellation fee.


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                      When I first read your post a few weeks ago, I knew this would end badly. all the apartment managers i have ever met Are worse then car dealers. You will never collect on that. Your best revenge is to do nothing and move on. Or Flyer the complex!


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                        What a crummy experience!! And I am sure you did your homework, but it is just a shame people can be so ugly sometimes!!! It's sad that you have experienced this problem but I am glad you posted it for others to learn from. I know I have!!!
                        Just keep on truck'n and let Karma do the rest!! Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


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                          Not sure how you can collect on something you have no proof of. I agree you got the short end of the stick, but people like that don't think anything of cancelling.

                          Tammy in Utah
                          PS: Next time get a written agreement.
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                            I decline all of those invites. I tried one and it was a bust also. If people in apartments want your services give the office your business cards to hand out.


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                              Just cannot believe what I read

                              in some of these comments of the I know everything attitude, first of all it was not written in stone what you should do and not do unless your breaking the law, and in this case she went on the basis of trust that the appt was good. That is all it is nothing else, and move on. There is another day and many more lessons to learn for life!!!!! I give you credit for courage to all your effort.