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  • My Turn To Be Bitten

    I went to groom a new dog today and actually it was spose' to be a Schn and a Sheltie. I called to confirm and she said the Sheltie was done last week. People don;t realize that should have been a cancellation. She should have notified me, as you all know we set aside time for two. So that was a loss of income. Then as she gets the dog for me she mentions she had bitten the former groomer when they tried to do her nails. Then she wants a Westie Teddy face, not a Schnauzer trim. The dog was overweight and a fear bitter. I muzzled her but it was too loose and sahe got me in my left ring finger tip and left a big ripped flap. I bathed her and dried her anyway and had trimmed under her tail and tummy. I was bleeding so much I quit when she was dry. She really only needed a bath and sanitary anyway. The owner owns this Assisted living home that is an eight bedroom beautiful residance. She is a nurse. So She had me clean it and band & Bactricin it and gave me $100 to help cover my medical visit. It was due to rain at noon and they would have been my only two today. I had a tentinus shot, antibiotics, and Bactricin tube. I won't report the dog as I am sure she is up on her rabies shots. She is a fear bittter. I also think maybe a liability for the senior residence, but that is her problem. She was nice and so was I. I won't groom the Schn but would consider the Sheltie next time. I just wish they made muzzles that fit! One too small, and the next too big. The e collars never seem to be enough IMO. Boy, You shudda seen the paper towels full of blood. I put alcohol on it right away and it was numb, and I never felt any sting. Better a dog than a cat, I think. I have to say, at the Docs, they took me right ahead of others and it took a few hours for meds etc, but I am glad I went immediately. Now for lunch and my first pill that no doubt will either give me Diarrhea or be nauseous. I hate that part.

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    OH, a nasty bite! Sorry you got bitten, take care of it and hope your finger feels better soon. Will you be able to groom with that hand tomorrow?


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      Ouch. At the salon I was at we eventually switched to the hard plastic basket muzzles for just that reason. Plus the dogs could still pant and breathe well with them on. So far in my mobile I haven't had to use a dog muzzle yet, but I know my groomer has. I really should get some of those basket ones myself, take my own advice! Sometimes I think being bitten through a muzzle can be more painful.
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        It was one of those Miky Muzzles

        I have others that have a mesh front but they don't stay on well. Not every dog will allow you to put a muzzle on. I have to work, I am so booked and the 15th I get the new generator, and they bring the rig back the next morning. then I have a dog after that around 10AM. I need better band aids that stay on. I am stuck on band aid but band aid isn't stuck on me. LOL I know I have to keep it clean and use Bactricin several times a day along with my antibiotics. gee, I hope I don't have a bad reaction to them. I can't feel the tip of my finger. Numb. welll, I kinda can feel pain if I touch it. It is open where you would use a fingerprint and near the nail also. It is right where you type. My left hand holds the dog, my right hand does the work. No pain except the inconvenience is the real pain.

        Thanks for the sympathy. We all know how it feels. Yes, Melissa, have good muzzles on hand. The dog let me clean her stains and eye buggers after she bit me. I never see Schnauzers with those Shih Tzu stain and eye goobers, but she had them. They had shaved her nose too. She had a very odd non Schnauzer trim. I am amazed anyone could ever trim her. Sad, because she really didn't need much in the way of grooming.


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          That is such a bummer

          I really hate the biting part of grooming. Any signs before the bite? I am always on high alert but sometimes they are just quick and determined. I've even had them get the plastic basket muzzles off in seconds flat. I did find that sometimes when I stick the happy hoodie on a fearful dog, it calms them down. Not just for HV drying but just in general ... nails, feet etc.

          I had a trainer that used an elastic band (Walmart for sewing into waist). She would cut a piece off and tie the ends so it was a circle and then place it around the head of the dog then grab it from under the chin and twist it into a figure 8 around the muzzle. It is not tight but she swore by it as a humane way to correct a dog for various issues. She would only leave it on until the behavior stopped but would be quick to put it right back on if they were acting up.

          Anyway, I hope you heal quickly and without much pain!!! The little stinker.


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            get a dishwashing rubber glove

            the thicker the better and use it on your injured hand to keep the wound clean. The day after the bite is the worst for grooming and trying to keep your hand clean. Acually the whole next 10 days will really suck. Sorry to hear about your bite.


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              Funny you said that about the glove

              I got mine out by my appt book so I won't forget it. I have a recirc system, so my hand doesn't have to get wet. If I had saran wrap I'd wrap my finger too, but I don't have any on hand. Finger cots come off and get wet. (They always remind of of doggie relations birth control protection).LOL


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                You can use a length of gauze or pantyhose to tie the muzzle securely and then fit the other muzzle over it if you are worried about the fit. My uncle who was a vet and a vet that I worked for in HS pretty much only used gauze as muzzles. Very effective once you get the hang of lassoing it over a snapping

                Hope your finger heals w/no complications.
                SheilaB from SC


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                  I am so sorry about the bite. The only ositive thing is at least they dont happen often, after working with dogs for 25 years I have only had a handful that were bad, the worst being a 16 stitches to my face..from a toy poodle during a nail trim. That was 20 years ago and to this day nail trims bother me. Fingers pretty much always go numb at first, I am betting it wont be today...ouch. You will be suprised how much you use that left paw of yours. Keep it dry, take your antibiotics, watch for infection. Yes, better a dog then a cat, for me a cat always spells infection no matter what I do or take. Sheila is right on about the gauze thing. In the clinic we always used it under a muzzle on the ones that were really giving you the hairy eyeball.

                  A real mess of a day in all. I hope today is better for you.


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                    I like the proguard softie muzzles because there is mesh over the end; even if the muzzle is a bit big they can't bite you.


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                      I use a hunk of cotton clothesline to muzzle dogs. Tie a knot in both ends, double-wrap the muzzle and tie behind the ears.

                      Always a perfect fit.


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                        I agree about keeping it dry.

                        The stupid doctor said it needs to stay moist. So I put the bactricin on it twice and wrapped it in a big bandaid and went to bed that way. Now it is white tip like they get when covered and I see the two open rips. I have to cover it somehow to keep it clean but it won't heal until I can let it air out. It is still open and could catch and eeeek rip If not covered today.

                        The gauze is a good idea. I have tried the gauze before byn wetting it and stretching it til dry. I tie under and over and behind the ears like an old groomer I knew. But it stretches and doesn't stay tight;they could still open the mouth. Yes the ones that have the mesh are safer but I find can be pushed off with paws. I have my dishwasher glove form today. I have one of the big bandaids left. I am so glad it wasn't my nose, or I'd be seeing a plastic surgeon.


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                          Jen if you wrap it around the muzzle more than once they shouldn't be able to open their mouths. If it's a dog you are really worried about you can tie the wrap once under the chin before you tie it behind the ears.
                          SheilaB from SC


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                            oh yes very scary when you cant get the muzzle on the dog...had that happen to me with a new berner x...he was perfectly fine for the bath and dry and wouldnt stand for nails...(overweight to boot) so i had a coworker come help me...i managed to get back nails done and went for front nails...mmmmm nope. he gave me the LOOK. so i asked coworker if she'd like to try...he gave her the look we decided maybe to muzzle just in case he snaps. omg....scary! she was coming up to him to put it on and he totally lunged at her once he saw the muzzle! had to get another coworker to come tie his mouth shut (with a lead) and get the muzzle on. he flipped out for his feet, ripped the muzzle off twice (good thing the lead stayed on cuz i was holding onto it!) and she managed to get his nails done. big ole fight to do it too.
                            very very scary.