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Instant/At Source Hot Water Heater

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  • Instant/At Source Hot Water Heater

    I'm curious to know if any of you have tried or are using an instant hot water heater and if it works? I have been toying of getting rid of my 6 gal water heater for one that instantly heats the water and will give me unlimited hot water.

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    Love It!

    I have one and I love it. It is a point of use water heater. My husband talked me into it instead of a regular water heater. It uses propane and as soon as I turn it on - hot water!


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      How much do they cost? I didn't know you could put one of those in a mobile, that would make life so much easier!


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        Some of the ones I have looked at run about the same as a small 6 gal water heater. I would consider an electric one, but not sure it would get the water as warm as I would like. I could mount a propane one under the tub along with a propane tank system. I would just need to vent it out the side. Electric would be much easier to install.

        What I have works well, but on a big hairy dog the water starts to cool off towards the end of the rinse. I figure if I could get instant I could do away with this problem. I have also thought about installing one after my hot water heater as a booster.


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          I bought mine from The Sportsman's Guide and it cost $234.45 with shipping. The product number is WX2-145247. I bought it online and had it within 1 week. They had different sizes and mine was the larger one. I plan on going mobil with a trailer and it will work great. I don't know how you would use it in a van but with a trailer it will work.