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I worked in a sprinter today!!!

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  • I worked in a sprinter today!!!

    Wow, such room to maneuver around in. I loved it. It was so neat and clean, plus the lighting was really nice and no grumbling generator to listen to. I was amazed, and now I have sprinter envy.

    I have teamed up with another mobile groomer who is much more experienced than myself, we did 3 cats in lion trims and a difficult dog. It was so nice to work with someone too. I never realized how lonesome it gets working by yourself. She has a 6 month old sprinter with all the bells and whistles. So we are going to do big dogs together soon, I can't wait.

    I was going to have my brother help me, but he found a good job with good health benefits, so I can't blame him because he has a child to look after anyway.

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    quiet conditions

    Is'nt amazing what a difference it makes to be free from the sound and vibration and stench. Dogs behave so much better. The abillity to listen to the radio with out turning it up loud and being able to open a window to get fresh air or to listen the sounds of kids playing or birds chirping. It's hard convey in it's entirety how much difference there is and how much it effects your state of mind.
    If I had to choose between grooming with a gen or not grooming at all I would quit grooming.


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      Your killing me Doug. I want one sooo bad.
      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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        Well, if this old gene doesn't make it, I will try and replace it with an inverter system, if its possible.

        If not, than I'll sell it and try to find a vehicle that I can convert, or is brand new. There's no question about it- it was very nice.