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hot water in Hanvey sprinter

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  • hot water in Hanvey sprinter

    i just got a new hanvey sprinter. My old sprinter had a 2 gal water heater in it, the new ones have been fitted to heat the water through the engine. I am having no luck at all with it. Just cold water with a slight burst of hot water. I drove it for 15 minutes the other day and still the same results. Any one have this set up in a Hanvey that have had good results? please clue me in. I wish I still had my water heater! Related question- was thinking about just filling up the tank with warm water, can a person just hook up a hot water garden hose to the bottom of the house water heater to get warm water?

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    Hot water

    Fill up your tank 1st thing in the morning. Fill 1st 10-15 gal with straight hot water, next 5 gal with light warm h2o, repeat, untill the desired amt of h2o needed. I do this every winter day and don't have a problem.

    I have an 06 hanvey & this helps with my problem. Another step is to heat the inside of the van with a small cermaic heater during the night and this helps keep the tub warm in the morning


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        Originally posted by Smart-n-Pretty View Post
        This is exactly what I use to fill up my tank! It's hooked to the washing maching fills. I adjust how much hot water flows into the tank. The only 'catch' we found is - if the vavle isn't put back exactly, it affects our shower water. Burrr!


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          Missy, I had similar problems with mine when I first started and ended up putting warm water in everyday even when I only had 1 or 2. It was a pain in the butt. I adjusted the water temperature control, next to the tub, now I have warm water all the time. The truck does need to be running for it to work though. Haven't had a problem since.


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            I haven't had any probs at all with the hot water heater....always enough and just right temp. Have you called them at Hanvey to figure out what's wrong?