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    I think it's important, especially if you have an older van, like myself, to have a fully stocked emergency road kit. Most kits I've seen for sale come with jumper cables, flares, pliers, screw driver, fix-a-flat, reflectors, that kind of thing. Things that I have found I have needed in a pinch, that I wish I had packed, have been:
    aluma seal
    a jack (had the spare an no flippin jack!)
    stop leak for oil
    windshield washer fluid (nothing like running out and trying to drive home with salt encrusted windows)
    A jug for water for the radiator
    a funnel
    And lucky for me my AAA tows commercial vehicles here!
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    A blanket too just in case. It's cold out!


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      Sears Auto department sells jumper boxes. I got one for my Van for $89 and one for my car for $59 (van need more power and car is a Mini).

      You charge it in the house and put it in your van, this way if you ever need a jump you don't have to wait for someone else, the jumper box is cables and a battery in one, hook it to your battery- switch the on button and start your van...voila.


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        My jumper box has a couple of outlets in it also. It is great for emergencies, it will move my electric table up and down and it will run my clippers. I bought mine when I had my last van with a small inverter. That way when I ran out of power I didn't have to plug in for just a quick touch up or to move the table down to get a dog off. Its also great in the house to light a lamp when the power goes out.



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          Good tip Gracey. I think I would definitely need two of those for my van since I have two batts that need to be charged to get the van started.
          What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.