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    Good Afternoon Everyone!! GO COLTS!!

    I have a home made trailer..6X12 but with some storage in the back and the tub, it is more like 6X9. I would love to take pics of my clients in the trailer, but can't come up with an easy way to do the background. I have thought of keeping a sheet or background cloth in trailer, and just pull it out when I want to take a picture. Right now I am just taking them on the table with the white background in the back, then cropping when I get home.
    I attached a couple of pics that I was just playing with so you all can see what I am working with....the schnauzer is a before pic...heehee
    I would love any suggestions or ideas you all may have.

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    This is someone else's idea on here, but I thought it was great so I used it myself during the holidays. Use an outdoor flag. To hang it I took a thin piece of PVC piping and ran some rope through it, at each end I tied a big suction cup with a hook on the end. I put the PVC through the flagpole slot and stick it to the ceiling. Works like a charm! It is a little too small for large dogs though, so you can only do headshots with them


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      One Word.

      Shower curtin


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        See if a curtain the rolling kind might work. I have 2 on my house windows, the solid kind that you pull down & when done give a little tug & up it goes on its own. I think Walmart has them but I bought mine through JCPenny for the house. I have a shelf in my van so I can't put one in. For Christmas I just clipped a colorful table cloth up on the shelf & draped the rest over my table so it didn't even look like they were taken in my grooming van.

        Here's a Christmas picture I took last yr. Sorry its sideways but getting the right size for this group is hard to do. This is a Schn/Yorkie mix, Schn size. They like her wild look with big full brows & those silly ears.

        The Soapy Puppy
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          At my old job, we once took a trifold poster board (the kind you use for science projects) and decorated it. That way we didn't have to hang anything we just set it behind the dog. We ened up doing a black board with mulitcolor glitter made for some cute pics.


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            Thank you

            Thank you all for the great replies.... I have several good ideas now...I just have to try them...

            Thanks again Everyone