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Any suggestions for a Mobile Grooming business name?

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  • Any suggestions for a Mobile Grooming business name?

    O.k, as some of you might know from my other post, I just bought a used mobile grooming van and I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row to start my mobile grooming business either mid-march or early april at the latest. I'm working on my formal business plan (mostly done), and I'm ready to get my business liscence and get my business checking and savings accounts problem, I can't decide on a name!!!

    I'd really like to name it something unique and I am at a total loss : ( My husband suggested Woof Woof Mobile Grooming, which I think is pretty cute, but I'm a little worried about it being at the end of the alphabet as far as being listed in the phone book. I also king of liked Wet Noses Mobile Grooming (with the van graphics being pictures of dogs taken from above, with big noses), but there is a treat company by that name, and also a boutique pet store in Florida by that name (although I am in Tennessee). Also at the end of the alphabet... Oh, and my name is Amber, so I considered Amber's Mobile Grooming (simple and beginning of the alphabet), but anyone who searches that is going to come up with the "Ambers Mobile Pet Salons" Van company. Arrrgh! ....what do you guys think, any suggestions? I don't want to steal anyone elses name, but if you have any cute or unique names that you aren't planning on using, I'm open to any suggestions! : )

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    i'm just gonna start spewing some's saturday night and this is my entertainment. don't make fun :P

    Pups on Wheels
    Doggie Drive-by (don't ask)
    fuzzy wuzzies (hehe)
    dogs in motion
    stylin' at your step
    pretty pooches
    waggin' wheels (my fiances suggestion, i really like it!)

    I'll post more as I think of them!

    Good luck with the biz!! I wanna go mobile so bad!


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      Just don't call it:

      Undercutting The Competition Mobile Grooming, LOL I think of cute names, then forget them. I was recently called a miracle worker. I liked that idea. I like take offs of well -known quotes. Like Dog Days, or It's A Dogs' Life kinda idea. Easy to remember catch phrases. TimeSaver Mobile grooming. The Groomer Lady, mobile grooming. " Hun, The Groomers' Here" Mobile grooming. Get the idea? Trim Tyme, Pups On Parade, I got a million of em'. Good Humor Groomer, Groom N' Zoom. Zoom and Groom.

      Don't worry about alphabetical, size of the ad takes precidence. Try song titles. Movie titles, Famous dog ideas. Mamas' Little Baby Loves Mobile Grooming. Play on words. I like" Going The Extra Mile" Mobile Grooming Then a catch phrase underneath. Mamas' little babies love mobile grooming. "Bringing The Salon To You" Mobile Grooming. Splish Splash etc. etc. My Passion Mobile Grooming. Krazy For K9s, Lovin' On Your Doggie".4 Spoiled Rotten "Dogs Mobile Grooming. I've seen countless signs by the front door with that sign: Spoiled rotten dogs live here." For The Sake Of The Dog" Mobile Dog Grooming. Stand out. Have a clever name they won't forget. Or, How about "Peoples' Choice" Mobile Grooming. or Dog Lovers Mobile Grooming Talk Of The Town Mobile Grooming
      "Lets' Go" Mobile Grooming Lets' Roll Mobile Dog Grooming. Hugs & Kisses Mobile Grooming. AND, thre last idea: Merci Beaucoup if you do a lot of Poodles.
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        Most people don't use phone books anymore, they use 411 or the internet. With this in mind you MUST create a name that people WILL REMEMBER!

        Shaggy Chic (instead of Shabby Chic)

        Pupscicles "We love all flavors of Pets" and have lots of colored doggies on your van.

        there are so many fun manes.


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          I saw a cute one the other day: Pooches Gracias....

          How about Hound About Town, Curbside Clips, Handsome Hound...


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            After I named mine I thought of
            Fast and the Furriest
            wish I had used that
            OK, how about

            Groomer Unleashed
            Ruff Rider
            Fetching Fidos
            Dog Gone Grooming
            Hound about town
            What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.


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              [QUOTE=Gracy Rose;388728]
              Shaggy Chic (instead of Shabby Chic)


              I like this! I use this term on some client's dogs, usually doodles. "So, he needs to be tidied up but not clipped like a poodle? Oh, you want the 'shaggy chic' look then!"


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                If people in your area have a great sense of humor I have always loved chasin tails


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                  My other business is Shaggy Chic Custom pet beds.
                  So of course I like the name! Didn't use it for my
                  mobile though.


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                    On the spot mobile grooming (spotted dog graphics)


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                      The mobile names that I have seen but prefer to stay away from are:

                      Doing it doggy style (haha funny, but not for my business name)
                      Wet Spot (a dalmation in a tub)

                      I have an issue with the sexual inuendo names, I am a smarta$$ as much as the next person but think of the people you might offend.


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                        though I think the cutesie anmes are adorable you must think in terms of marketinf and name recognition...... I live in a large town that has 4 towns bordering. I named it after my town , it may be unoriginal but it is easy to remember and call 411 for the number! So if you live in it Jonestown Mobile Grooming....may be boring but your phone will ring off the hook.


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                          I think that is a good choice. Ya wouldn't want to call it baddog mobile grooming, but gee. we have our share of them, don't we? Then your slogan could be: "I fix cheap trims". LOL How about, if it isn't official yet.....Jonestowns' Choice. Or Jonestowns' . Like they already choose you over the others.


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                            Here's what I did-a friend of mine and I where driving one day for 2 hours. So I took a scrap piece of paper out and pen and we just started throwing out names. At the end of our round trip I had over 200 names.

                            I compared them to the ones on this site and took all of them out that were listed.

                            Then I emailed the list to 10 friends/family and ask them to pick five of them that they thought were going to be good.

                            The process of elimination was easy, once I received the their top fives I narrowed it down to top two.

                            The the winner was chosen.

                            Get friends and family involved, it's alot of fun and they tell 10 people then they tell 10 people and so it goes!


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                              Tangles Away came to mind, I had wanted to use something with tangles in it but we couldn't come up with anything that sounded right.

                              You do want to watch out even if your name is close to something. I did The Soapy Puppy & a few months into it I got an email from A Soapy Puppy in GA that threatened me for taking her name blah blah as she said she reg her trade name. It scared me pretty good but I contacted my state because I knew they wouldn't let me licence a name if they knew it was registered etc. Turns out she only registered her logo & not the trade name & was only licenced in her state. I'm in WA, she's in GA, she's "A Soapy Puppy", I'm "The Soapy Puppy", she's a salon & I'm mobile...pretty sure I can't steal her clients even if I wanted to lol. I never heard back from her after I explained all the above & also my state told me if she wanted to sue then she'd have to come here which would cost a pretty penny since she probably wouldn't have a chance of winning.

                              The Soapy Puppy