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  • Spray on glass
    Spray-on liquid glass is transparent, non-toxic, and can protect virtually any surface against almost any damage from hazards such as water, UV radiation, dirt, heat, and bacterial infections. The coating is also flexible and breathable, which makes it suitable for use on an enormous array of products.

    Here is a good product which could find a practical app in clipper blade protection. It's breathable nature would lend itself to oil impregnation.Long ago there were high hopes for wide use of teflon against nylon in bearings but nylon just does not hold up to the heat.This will and it can hold onto a lubricant. Might even work on scissors.
    It's really cool use ,making plastic sheeting conductive to make solar panels.Sio2 coating which is transparent but conductive is the hard part of solar panel design. If this stuff works the home printed solar panel ,printed from an ink jet printer might be back in the realm of possible. Car wraps into solar voltiac wraps.

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    Johnson & Johnson must be about to croak.
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      I was so happy to see this material find another use I didn't even consider the impact it would have on companies like Johnson & Johnson. I only think of them as being a drug company any more. J &J will probably try to block it from coming to the USA until the pat runs out.