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  • Flea and Tick Meds

    Hi everyone. Can you tell me if there are any rules or regs on administering flea meds on a mobile unit? Is there liability issues if I use a product that is proven to be safe?

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    Don't know about your question but I was told by my client that the vet said you need to wait either 3 days before or 3 days after a bath. I had never heard that but I don't give the flea meds anymore. I do give the heartworm pills to these clients dogs though.


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      The only flea meds I give is Capstar and I usually only do that if the dog is infested otherwise just a flea bath. I have had elderly clients that have asked me to put their Frontline on their dog because they simply couldn't. I don't do it that day though. I usually try to stop back by in a few days because I always heard that it was better to wait a few days so the oils can get back in the coat and makes the meds more effective. Only done that for a few elderly clients.
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        I am now offering both to my clients. Flea and tick meds are the number one selling items. I purchased mine through 50/50 pet supply.


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          I'm not sure about the legalities, but we do sell Biospot and we will administer it if they ask. However any other spot ons that they bring in we tell them they have to administer themselves.
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            Thank You,

            Thanks everyone thats good info. I think I'll just get a good flea shampoo and keep some flea med on hand in case they are infested.


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              Flea treatment

              When applying topical flea treatments you have to do it either three days before bathing or three days after because bathing strips the dogs skin of the natural oils that spread the flea treatment on the dogs body. After three days the dogs oils are back and the treatment can be dispursed over the dogs body.