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  • Shoulder issues

    Has anyone have severe tendonitis in their primary working shoulder? I have been getting acupuncture and it is not helping. Trying to decide on a steroid shot. Pain is bad especially at night. Thoughts?

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    Does your routine include chiropractic care? If not, I suggest a consult before drugs. However, it isn't an overnight fix. Chiropractic care provides assistance for the body to heal itself. But, it is extremely effective. You think, what does my spine have to do with my shoulder, and the answer is quite simple. Everything!


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      I can attest to that!!!!

      I agree! A while back I had an old fat mule of a golden that refused to stand up.plopped right down in the lobby.I told his people to go and he would follow me. WRONG!!!! he wouldnt get up.So I stupidly tried to hoist his behinf into a standing position wham! I couldnt get back into standing position either lol.I did something to my back hip and shoulder only I didnt know about the should till 2 nights later when I woke from a dead sleep with pins and needles sensation going through down to my fingers.I was awfull! saw a chiropracter and he put everything back and it stopped. But I didnt see the dr till 2 weeks after i8t startd and man was that horrible!!!!


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        I've lived with shoulder issues for the last 9 years...kept a lazy G. Pyrenese standing up by using my right shoulder which is my main working shoulder. NEVER went to the dr. even though for 3 weeks I had to have my husband come in and do all the bathing and lifting as I couldn't raise my arm at all.
        I try to restrict my lifting and excessive over use of my right shoulder but there are days I go home with pretty severe pain and sleeping on it wrong makes it just as bad.

        No matter what you decide to do, I hope it feels better soon.
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          I feel for ya. I messed mine up as a teen in a full out neighbor hood wide snow ball fight. I learned over the years that I have to tuck my elbow in against my side when brushing as much as I can when possible to keep it from flaring up. Sleeping without ending up on that arm is the hardest part to over come. Sometimes you do it and don't know until the pain wakes you up. Sleep is over rated any way.


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            simple suggestion that helped me loads

            DO NOT sleep on your side- no matter what.
            Flat on your back while you are getting this worked on.
            Epsom salts in hot water - soak in a tub with them for 12 minutes at least then wra up in blankets and sweat out the toxins.
            Stretches every morning- 20 minutes is all you need


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              chiro adjustments
              alternate cold packs and warm packs to the shoulder area
              a pred pack while getting the adjustments to help with inflammation
              Aspercreme applied morning and night
              ask your MD if you can get some muscle relaxers to take at bedtime.

              I have gotten the cortizone shots for my shoulder before and they work for a little while, but the thing is you will further injure yourself if you are not really careful because you wont feel the pain.


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                Originally posted by Doug View Post
                I messed mine up as a teen in a full out neighbor hood wide snow ball fight.
                That has to be one of the more awesome reasons for a shoulder injury.

                I'm thinking of telling people I don't know that my knee injuries are from fighting bears holding sharks.
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                  Originally posted by AuntieBeth View Post
                  Epsom salts in hot water - soak in a tub with them for 12 minutes at least then wra up in blankets and sweat out the toxins.
                  I tried this for the first time 3 weeks ago after a particularly strenuous weekend of running the dog teams.
                  I just KNEW I was gonna be "rigor with a pulse" by the second morning of 3 days training.
                  In the past 10 years I've shot my rotator cuff, tore a ligament in my knee, and have an old neck injury that all ramp up the crippling reminder stabs when I do anything physical.

                  I could NOT believe how well the epsom salt soak worked. I literally sprung out of bed the next morn, no stiffness, no pain...even tied my own boots!
                  It's part of my weekend regimen now.

                  I have a question though....given the recent thread on Dead Sea Salts and (dare I say the word) osmosis, it possible to overdue the Epsom Salt soaks? I mean I don't want to pickle myself, or preserve my carcass for all eternity, but there were no real guidelines on the sack of salts.
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                    torn rotator cuff

                    from a dog taking off while I'm on the other end of a leash and then had surgery. Still hurts no real improvement.

                    Saw a segment on tv about a vet w/shoulder issues couldnt lift his arm straight much above his head. Dr says get MRI big $$$ and surgery ... bigger $$$$. Then he goes to Japan. They say MRI only $$ and Surgery less $$$. Then goes to Germany, only $ for MRI and $$ for surgery. Finally ends up in India and they say you don't need surgery. They massage his shoulder w/oils 3x a day for some period of days and he then raises his arm straight up w/no pain for the camera.

                    He didn't need surgery. I say we need to find a "little india" and have them work on our shoulders!


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                      Monthy visits to the chiropractor, followed up by a massage. Makes a huge difference!!!!


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                        3 years

                        I have done chiro , accupunture , weekly physical therapy had surgery in sept was better till holiday season retore rotator cuff and bicep , I am working but i feel you at night it throbs so much dr wants to do another surgery 12 weeks no lifting theres got to be another way pt told me to work everyother day so i had some recovery time i am working 3-4 days a week right now down from 5-6 even the short weeks dont help much so although i have no answers i understand and hope you find the cure.


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                          Been there done that. What I have done in the past was see an Orthopedic doctor who gave me the injection and a script for rehab that I did at Nova Care. You need good insurance cause it is expensive with the co-pays. I have had my share of back problems and impingement in the shoulders also. Once diagnosed and with a good physical fitness program used for life the problems never come back.
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