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Cleaning van after smokey dog

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  • Cleaning van after smokey dog

    Ok I don't smoke. I have a couple houses, 2 that are real noticable, where the dogs smell horrible. I wash real well a good smelling shampoo, sometimes a conditioner (terriers though) & even spray with a nice smelling finishing spray but as soon as the blow dryer hits it doesn't smell like I even washed as the smoke wins out. After finishing both dogs my van stinks bad like smoke, my clothes smell etc. I'm not liking going to another client & smelling like i've been smoking when I have never smoked in my life. What do you all do?

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    can you sprinkle baking soda on them? lol
    Really, though, you could try the dawn/peroxide/soda mixture used for skunks on them
    just won't get their heads done well


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      That is something that drives me nuts as well. I have found though, that even though we can smell the smokey stink on the dogs the owners can't. All they smell is clean dog. As far as yourself, you probabaly don't smell quite as badly as you think you do. I would maybe try to remember to bring clean shirt w/me to change into after I do a "smoker" and roll the windows down in the van while you are driving to help to air it out.

      I'm not mobile, I have a shop. And when I have dogs come in that smell like ashtray's I put them directly in the back room to be bathed ASAP. If I think the lobby smells (and often it does because these owners usually put out a ciggy before they walk in the door), I will open a window and turn on a fan for a few minutes to help air it out.
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        Smokey dogs

        How about scheduling these "little stinkers" for the last appt. of you day? then your rig could air out over night.

        good luck


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          I too have several dogs with that smoky smell.........however the smell gets washed out. Have you tried using a bathing systems? My supersudser really gets the smell out, with a good shampoo (like Natures Specialites, Plum Silky) and my van has never smelled of smoke.
          I always spend, more time than needed, with the bathing system, and it is surprising how dirty the suds get AFTER I think the dog was clean 2 minutes ago! Maybe adding on another 3-4 minutes in the bathing dept will help your situation.

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            Originally posted by Dolly View Post
            I too have several dogs with that smoky smell.........however the smell gets washed out. Have you tried using a bathing systems? My supersudser really gets the smell out, with a good shampoo (like Natures Specialites, Plum Silky) and my van has never smelled of smoke.
            I have a home made supersudser. My pump is under my tub, I flip the lever to plug the tub, fill with water & shampoo, push the button for the pump & spray the soapy water over the dog. On the first one without allergies I used Best Shot Ultra Max, their new one because it has a strong scent. She's an Airedale mix (North West Farm Terrier) & was starting to get little mats so I used that for the dematting plus it had a strong scent. The other one does have allergies so I used Espree Oat Baking soda. I gave them 2 baths because the water turned brown the first time & the mix dog got the conditioner too. She's the one that smelled the most.

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              I love the Show Seasons Deodorize for really stinky dogs.
              I, unfortunately, am a smoker. I had quit for 5 years, up until the night my mom died and have had very little luck trying to quit again. But I do not smoke around my children or my animals. Never in my car or in my home. It has always bothered me that people who choose to smoke don't think about the damage it can do to their pets and children's lungs. I know what I'm doing to myself, I don't need to do it to anyone else. If the smell is that intense, imagine how much smoke those dogs must be around. It's a pet peeve of mine, since my sister insists that it is her right to smoke in her home even though both her children have ended up needing to have a nebulizer now in the house. She sees no connection. It embarrasses me to be a smoker, and I will continue to try to quit, but my husband is also a smoker so that makes it more difficult and he doesn't want to quit.
              Got off on a tangent there. Of course, being a smoker, it takes a REALLY smokey dog to allow me to smell it.
              Maybe one of those small plug in ionic breeze air purifiers would help?
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                MyLady I do have the Air Wick spritzer thing, I got the small room one & put that in the van. I have the vanilla smell & it works good in the van, normally I don't like vanilla smell but this one doesn't burn my nose like the other sprays. Yesterday I noticed it was out of spray which is probably why I could smell the smokey smell so good. What didn't help was the dog's collar & leash stunk worse then the dog. Crazy. I will look into getting the Show Seasons stuff. My new dealer carries that brand.
                This client likes mornings. My reg clothes didn't smell too bad, my smock did stink bad though. I went to wear it at the next client & just lifting it to put it on was too much. Luckily I didn't do much with the next client so I didn't need the smock. I'll have to get another smock just for these times. I have another but its not may fav style & looks like a bag on me so I don't wear it much. I like the mesh back ones.

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                  Im going to

                  try skunk shampoo on 2 lil dogs that I do once a month that the owner smokes and drives with the windows up. Ill let you know I bought a gallon of pet edges skunk off with hopes that it will work Dawn


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                    The only shampoos I have found that will almost eliminate smoke smell are le pooch (male only) and Show Seasons Soothe. For either of these I mix it pretty strong.


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                      Southbark Blueberry facial works good as an all over shampoo to cut out the smokey smell. Follow up with the matching blueberry conditioner and smokey smell is gone!

                      I have a few dogs who live with smokers and they smell like an ashtray when I pick them up. God only knows what their little lungs look like, but thats another problem.... 2 of my cigarette dogs cant have any doggie perfume on them because Mom says it makes her sinus' bad...So I have to wash off the ashtray smell only with shampoo & conditioner.

                      I spray my van with Febreeze Vanilla air freshener after these dogs and it doesnt smell like smoke anymore.


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                        i have a small air purifier for the van. Gets rid of everything that causes odor. I love it.
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