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Winner Natl Average Mobile Grooming Fee

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  • Winner Natl Average Mobile Grooming Fee

    The lowest average in the surveys for mobile was $33.00 and there were some others in the 30's as well. Wow, that's cheap.

    The highest average was $75 and there were numerous others in the $70's, about as many as those in the $30's oddly enough.

    However, there were plenty of $60 to $65's, but yes that was dragged down by some in the $40's and pleny of $50's.

    So overall, cue the horns, the first national survey of mobile groomer prices in history with over 1,000 surveys completed is...


    We had some members guess in the $57.xx and the closest is ladycee at $57.57, just 12 cents under. Crystal was close $57.53, and Tailsrwagon at $57.88.

    Ladycee has some Grimeinator coming her way.

    We will be releasing TONS of detail mid -April with this important survey when we premier the new look of

    Thanks for playing.
    Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the Board Help Talk Forum. Thanks for coming to our community a part of

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    wow, and I thought I was way off too....

    congrats ladycee!


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      Man oh man I wasn't even close! Guess I just think everyone charges much more than ME! LOL


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        THANK YOU, STEPHEN!!!! I am ready for Grimeinator!!!


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          Funny, That was my guess but that's not MY average....